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This morning it is pretty brisk up here in Cable, Wisconsin.  It is -8 right now and the ski race that Dennis runs starts in 45 minutes.  There are close to 600 people signed up to ski either 42 or 24 kilometers.  Classic skiing, not skate.

I don’t have any desire to do that/this, even if I could.  For one, I don’t classic ski, don’t even own classic skis.  Two, I don’t get enough personal reward from it to justify the potential suffering. I’m pretty sure I my number one sport could never be a winter sport.

Unless you are going to travel the world, following the cold weather, most winter athletes end up training way more than racing.  Using nordic skiing for an example, the season is relatively short compared to cycling.  The rest of the year you are doing some other sport to train.  That isn’t that appealing to me.

Then, the first line of the paragraph above.  Following the cold weather.  Who wants to do that.  I would be happy following warm weather around the planet, but going out of my way to be in cold weather doesn’t do it for me.

I say this, but am happy riding a cyclo-x when the conditions are harsh.  But that is usually the exception and not the rule.  And I do seem to function better athletically when I have cold water spraying on my legs, which isn’t the the optimal situation for road racing.  But again, that doesn’t happen very often.

Anyway, cycling is my sport.  We’re lucky there are so many different disciplines of it to keep us amused.  It sort of amazes me when someone says they only ride road bikes.  I try to convince them maybe they should expand their horizons and try riding on gravel some.  No, I’m a road rider.  There would be no way to convince them to ride MTB.  I like it all and like switching around during the season.  I like it all.

Funny observation.  The afternoon before the night I was violently ill, I was horrible riding the trainer.  Like 2/3’s the wattage as normal and I was struggling.  Then yesterday, last night, I rode and I felt pretty good, nearly great.  I think I must have been sick before I ate dinner that night and it just took that long to set in and progress to being terrible.

I’m going to suit up pretty soon and try to ski to the North turn around of the ski race.  Trudi, Jeff Bradley, Deb Wood and George’s family are there feeding the skiers.  I’m trying to figure out the quickest way to get there.  I’m not going to ski with poles.  That really didn’t work a couple days ago.  Kind of setback for my ribs and thumb some.

The puppy is still lost.  I’m hoping now that someone took her.  Update**** Puppy found.

They put her dog bed out in a field and then this morning she was there.  Pretty great.

brooke copy

Brooke is found!


This is Tess, Mick and Beth's puppy. I'm teaching him back habits with my cast.

This is Tesse, Mick and Beth’s puppy. I’m teaching her back habits with my cast.


10 thoughts on “Cycling is my Sport

  1. AB

    That’s amazing about the dog, although she’s looking a little disconcerted there. I wonder if she sniffed out her bed from a distance and walked to it or just stumbled upon it? Probably the former.

  2. Dave Bartol

    Steve, give classic skiing a try sometime. Like you said mixing it up makes the sport (cycling) interesting. Same thing for cross-country. Now foor me with cycling I ride the road, cross, and a little mountain biking now and then.

  3. nancy

    they are following the snow!! the wc season is October to March-early April. The National team is skiing during summer/early fall in NZ, South America (Chili, Argentina) and the glacier at high altitude (whistler, Oregon) if they can.

    Cycling is cheap compared to skiing. Equipment is not cheap and usually, if you can’t get on National team at early age, you can’t train because it cost too much.

  4. paul

    What a freakin’ awesome story about that pup! Told my 8 year old daughter about it yesterday and just reported the news to her now. She’s jacked. Something tells me that is going to be one helluva dog.

    Steve: First round of the AZ mountain bike series out at McDowell today (last Cactus Cup site). Perfect weather and over 600 riders. Everything from first timer, to semi pro, to marathon. You ought to come out here, get some miles in and then kick a little ass at the Old Pueblo 24 on Feb. 13 like you did last year.

  5. Bill W

    I had a Lab that wondered off one day in Northern Az. forest one day. After searching for a while we had to get people back in town because it was getting cold. Anyway, I took off my t-shirt and threw it behind some scrub off the side of the road. When I came back 4 hours later he heard my truck coming down the road and he ran out to meet me. If you loose your dog while out of town always put a piece of clothing (or bed) near where you saw them last. Just check it often.

  6. Dog

    Wow, I am so glad to hear Miss Brooke got found. I was thinking a coyote or froze to death was the end to that story. The bed was clever thinking. I am so so happy for them. Classic XC is a bitch but it is so pure in discipline. I am so impressed how fast those suckers go in the track. Tip of the hat to them, but you are right, going to play in the snow is fun. Seeking as much cold as you can for your life is way past stupid.

  7. fergie

    Right on! He’s back. The yin- yang. There’s not much more of a low than losing your dog and there is not much higher than when he/she returns!


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