Best Descender of Nationals???

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This guy had to have ridden the tricky descent at Cyclocross Nationals faster than nearly any other rider.  If you have video evidence of someone going faster, forward it to me.  I saw a picture of this guy on Instagram, but seemed to you lost it.  He is racing the U23 race, wearing jeans.  He finished on the lead lap.  If someone has that photo, forward it to me so I can give him credit.

***Okay, his name is Andrew Lints.  He was a Cat 3 earlier this season, maybe still is?   Crazy good bike handler.




Here's Andrew after the race.

Here’s Andrew after the race.

Pretty cold this morning when I woke up. It was -29 when Dennis got up a couple hours earlier.

Pretty cold this morning when I woke up. It was -29 when Dennis got up a couple hours earlier.


15 thoughts on “Best Descender of Nationals???

  1. Rich Dillen

    … and in all fairness, that was in the U23 race. Not the Cat 3 that he won. He was taking a pretty impractical high-line to set himself for a straight shot.

    Still a thing of beauty.

    Things people will remember. JPow and KFC won… and the dropper guy (and the squirrel on course).

  2. Tman

    Andrew also rode well for RIT in the collegiate D2 race which was probably the muddiest race of the week

  3. Krakatoa (East of Java)

    It must be KILLING the carbon “gram freaks” that they might have to add significant weight to their 15 lb. bikes to remain competitive.

  4. Fsonicsmith

    Seems to me that shorter riders have an advantage with low COG on tricky descents. My lasting memory of Cross Worlds in Louisville was Ryan Trebon wiping out hard on the one tricky descent on the third lap-he took a very long time to get up. Just a broad generalization like most, but there is no doubt some advantage to being closer to the ground.

  5. LD

    A lasting memory of mine is Ryan Trebon just motoring past everyone going up a long, grassy hill back when Boulder Cup was held at Harlow Platts Park. Long levers make for big power but as you point out, a high CG doesn’t help descending.

  6. Andrew "droppah-post" Lints

    This is high praise coming from a legend. Thanks for the shout out. I’m just glad i could have fun and make some spectators happy in the process

  7. Fsonicsmith

    Hey Andrew;
    How ’bout telling us a bit more about yourself. Where you from, how’d you get into cross racing, team or independent, and maybe, some tips on how to get good at bike handling 🙂


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