Form – There One Day, Gone the Next

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Yesterday was the worst day so far of the 4 I have spent hurt.  I think it is a cumulation of all the travel, plus, the lack of sleep.  From my personal experience, rotator cuff surgery is the number one sleep inhibitor, with broken ribs coming in 2nd.  It is bad enough, during the day, having to suffer through sneezing, burps, laughing, ect., but trying to position yourself at night is maybe worse.  It has been for me.  I don’t think I have slept more than 30 minutes at a time in 4 days. The last two mornings, I’ve woken up, or have been woken up, by a crazy headache.  Today it was throbbing with my heartbeat.  Luckily for me, my pulse seems to be getting slower and slower as I age.  So it was only painful 35 times a minute instead of 45.

Anyway, I decided to ride the trainer yesterday afternoon, after walking in the woods in the morning.  I still had a headache and could only figure out that maybe lack of endorphins was causing it, so I went through the process of getting the trainer out of my van and hauling it up to the Kansas Garage.  I am moving at half speed, so it took a while.

After the humbling process, I got riding.  It is amazing how pitiful I was.  I really couldn’t leave on my removable cast because it really doesn’t fit on the bars.  (I’ll have to remold that some.)  But, my wattage, it was so low.  Like below 200 watts felt pretty hard.  Amazing.  The only upside was that you really breathe pretty shallow when you ride bikes, so my ribs didn’t really come into play, which was surprising.

I read my friend Seth’s blog this morning and he is going out to do the Donut Ride, his first group ride since cracking his pelvis a month and a half ago.  Here is the link to his post about his apprehension.    We texted back and forth a bit this morning.  I miss that guy, even though I hardly know him.

It is funny how many things go through your mind while you’re injured.  I’ve been hurt enough, throughout the years, that I, generally, take it pretty well, with an optimistic view.  That is long term.  Day by day, it is harder to manage.  The inconveniences injuries cause to daily life are numerous.  Just trying to button my pants is a chore.

Anyway, I’m sure that I must still have okay form, I can’t lose that it less than a week, not being sick.  But I need to  keep reminding myself this, because it sure seems like I’m back at square 1, when intellectually, I know that can’t be the case.

There is plenty of snow up in Cable finally.

There is plenty of snow up in Cable finally.

Breakfast the past couple days.  Pat and Gwen turned me onto this.  They are in Australia, training in the warmth.

Breakfast the past couple days. Pat and Gwen turned me onto this. They are in Australia, training in the warmth.

Morning lake hike with Hawkeye.

Morning lake hike with Hawkeye.

Trainer set up in the Kansas Garage.

Trainer set up in the Kansas Garage.

Trudi and Dennis dressed to head out to ski this morning.

Trudi and Dennis dressed to head out to ski this morning.


15 thoughts on “Form – There One Day, Gone the Next

  1. Seth Davidson

    Heal up, Steve–and hurry back out here to give everyone a stomping. Or if you’re still hurt, we’ll do the Gimpy Guys Ride you proposed. Really–get well soon.

  2. Barb

    NSAIDs are not recommended for any kind of long term use, but I used Aleve during a C-spine injury resulting in a pinched nerve root, which caused a sciatica-like shooting pain in my shoulder and arm for a couple months. I found that Aleve was significantly more effective in reducing pain, than Motrin or any of the other NSAIDs. Even with a pinched nerve root, it really reduced the pain. Physicians also sometimes recommend Tramadol which I also tried. Tramadol is an anti-depressant that has sleep-inducing attributes, and the amount of anti-depressant is so negligible, that they routinely prescribe it for sleep now. There is a standard dose, and also and extended release dose. I think it’s a better option for sleeping than NSAIDs or opiates, in terms of any kind of physical side effects. When I realized/read NSAIDs should not be taken for more than 10 days tops (they can cause stomach bleeding or kidney damage), I stopped taking Aleve and started some Tramadol. I could hardly tell there was anything going on, no side effects at all, but it sure helped me to sleep.

  3. RGTR

    Interesting read from ‘Seth’s’ blog. You should put that one in your link list on the side. And while you’re at it, why don’t you remove that lil tart B* 150 Watts of Asshole from your list. She’s either dead or Lance has her penned up in his basement and is feeding her dead babies on a daily basis.

    Replace it with Seth’s blog. I’d read that. I had to look him up. He’s got a lot of shitpack finishes and cusses like a damn sailor. I like him already and I don’t know him either. I thought the “Donut ride” was referring to the one in Toronto. Whenever someone mentions the Donut Ride, Toronto is usually what I’m thinking. I guess everdamn where has a Donut ride now.

  4. Steve Tilford Post author

    RGTR-There is a link to the right. Seth writes crazy good.Makes me look like a 1st grader.

    I can’t remove 150 watts from the list. She is a beautiful writer and, when she was posting, it was always something to look foreword to. I check often, hoping she is going to resume her blog. I think she is writing another book now.

  5. DR feelgood

    what is your blood pressure? prolonged headache for days without relief – might be a good thing to check sounds like your body is screaming for some rest.

  6. Bruce Gilbert

    Steve, on December 16th, Beverly was assaulted and robbed at the supermarket. She has 6 broken rins, a collapsed lung, a huge hematoma on her hip, and loads of other cuts and bruises. After nine days in the hospital, 2 surgeries and then she was released. They tried to pull her into their car. At the same time, they put the car into reverse to escape the scene. Apparently, the door went over her as she was knocked to the ground.

    After she got home, sleeping was a big problem. She could not lie down. We went over to Lazyboy just to see if a recliner could work. It did. They were trying to sell us the $1800 chair. On the way home, we had to stop at Sam’s to pick up a prescription for her. Sam’s had a recliner that did the job for $350. She tried it and fell asleep with no problem in a minute or two.

    I suggest you look at a recliner, it may help…

    By the way, if you need more of our products, just let us know. We saw Gina at Interbike, she stopped at our booth to say hello.

    Our best to you and Trudi,

  7. kmak

    You may want to check your facts on Tramadol. It is an opioid analgesic; I have never heard of it used as an anti-depressant nor for insomnia, only for pain relief.

  8. Chris

    Tramadol is NOT an antidepressant. It’s classified as a centrally acting non-opioid analgesic. Used for those that do not tolerate opioids very well.

  9. The Cyclist

    Van Aert. That’s form. He’s literally flying today, making the rest of the Belgians look like they’re on a Sunday ride to the shop…

  10. RS

    Hi, Steve. At times you will leave a link so we can watch a race in its entirety without a spoiler. Will you be doing this today for the Elite Mens Race at CX Nats? I certainly hope so, because I personally would love to watch it without knowing the victor ahead of time. I hope you are on the mend. Enjoy your day.

  11. Lionel

    Paranoid: Exhibiting or characterized by extreme and irrational fear or distrust of others.

    I would say No. I still ride and race. I realize many people are careless and those same people do not hold others well being in high regard. I continue to ride with as much vigilance as possible, but I have not lost my mind to function, if that’s what you mean. Not quite sure what you’re getting at.


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