Chocolate Training

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I really haven’t had a chance to get into the swing of the holidays yet.  But if you’re up to full speed, here’s a good thing to know.  Eating chocolate is actually good for your cycling.  So don’t feel so guilty about popping a chunk of chocolate into you mouth every once in awhile.

This article says that chocolate actually improves athletic performance.  How about that for good news?

I should have known this to be the case.  My friend Gwen Jorgensen, Triathlete World Champion, is a chocolate fiend.  She eats chocolate every morning.  I just thought since she needed to consume so many calories, why not eat some chocolate.  But she must have had inside information on this secret chocolate training.

I plan to stock up on the intake of chocolate the next couple weeks before cyclo-x Nationals.   I’ll probably be racing 3 kilos heavy by then.

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  1. The Cyclist

    Well, this explains why I crave it so badly all the time… and after reading this I don’t have to feel guilty about it anymore either. Thank you Steve for putting my mind at ease regarding this obsession of mine and merry Xmas!


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