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Here’s a video of Manuel Quinziato motor pacing.  What is so amazing about the video is that it is interactive.  It is a 360 view and you can click on the video and see 360 degrees.  Just click, then drag, on the area you want to look at and the video rotates to that view.  Pretty cool technology.


11 thoughts on “Crazy Technology

  1. Todd

    Looks like a GoPro or other action camera on a boom with some type of attached aftermarket panoramic “fisheye” lens. A quick search showed that a company called peauproductions sells one that is 143 degrees of sweep. Bet Keith Walberg would know…

  2. Alex

    If you pull this video up directly from YouTube (not through this site for whatever reason) on a smartphone, the video uses the gyro in the phone and lets you change views by moving your phone around. Want to look left? Turn left. Right? Turn right. Behind? Turn around. Pretty sweet stuff

  3. Fausto

    Would be great to know his speed. This technology for viewing a race is better than any disc brake. As long as the driver doesn’t hit anyone of course. Now lets get back to the Gun debate….

  4. Larry T.

    Tech…schmeck…a great place to ride…Northeastern Italy’s Adige Valley – champagne asphalt, little traffic, motorists who care about sharing the roads. Truly cycling heaven on earth!

  5. Andy

    Wallymann beat me to posting the Blue Angels video we produced. We’ve done several of these at USA TODAY – the Blue Angels is the best one we’ve done, but here’s another one we did on the streets of Havana, Cuba with the 360 array mounted to a 50’s Ford convertible. The 360 arrays use multiple GoPro’s and then we sync and stitch the footage together.

    Alex is right, view it on a smart phone and you get a sense of how this really works. Viewing any of these using the VR goggles is a trip – a real immersive experience.


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