Dueling Cyclo-X Races

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There really aren’t that many UCI cyclocross races here in the midwest.  At least within short-ish driving distance from my house.  But, this weekend there are two.  Both super races.  Both rider’s promoters.  I don’t quite get it.

Jingle Cross is in Iowa City Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I’ve won the race and finished on the podium a couple more times.  Now it is one of the biggest cyclocross races in the country.  The courses are all super hard with Mt. Krumpet in the mix each day.

Then there is Ruts and Guts.  You’ll notice the clickable banner above.   I’ve done this race a ton too, never won, but been on the podium.  This race has been going on for years now and Tanner does an excellent job at making it a super weekend.

I just looked and Jingle Cross has over 1700 entries for the 3 days and Ruts and Guts just over 200 for 2 days.  It doesn’t seem right.

I sure wish one of these races was last weekend.  Or next, or something.  I know these guys can’t be happy with the scheduling, but that is the way it turned out.  I have no idea why that is, but it isn’t good for riders caught in the middle.  Or the races themselves.

Jinglecross will most likely be slick.  It snowed there and now it looks like rain today, then clearing.  But the area tends to hold water.  Ruts and Guts is most likely the opposite.  Dry and fast riding.

Right now I’m leaning towards heading up to Iowa.  The “running” up Mt. Krumpet might be too much for me, but there is no better way to test it than doing it.  Plus, I need to try to ride a muddy race.  Keith Walberg has been hired to film the race and make a video, so we’ll be staying together.  Catherine is in Seattle now, but just might make it back for a little muddy racing.

I wish I could be two places at once. Most guys around here feel the same way.   It’s too bad the powers that make these decisions can’t understand this when they make the schedule.   Scheduling conflicts suck for everyone involved.


12 thoughts on “Dueling Cyclo-X Races

  1. LD

    With two different USAC local associations , there is no “authority” to coordinate schedules so these situations happen.

  2. El Tejan

    I get the sentiment expressed, but let’s not jump to conclusions and blame it on “the powers that be.” It’s not always the Feds that rule on dates. There are only so many weekends in the year (frankly, only about 12-15 during ‘cross season.) Conflicts are going to happen. I’m sure each promoter did his or her due diligence and decided to promote on this weekend, irrespective of the conflict.

    Worth noting this the same weekend as the Texas State Championships, so some of us who would have otherwise considered Ruts and Guts will stay home. Again, perhaps not ideal, but conflicts are the nature of the game.

  3. Tanner

    The conflict is unfortunate, but USAC did give Ruts the option to move their date. JC gets preference since they are a C1. We did discuss with them, and they will most likely not have the December date next year due to weather being such a factor this late in the year. We (Ruts) plan to keep this weekend (as long as we can) in partnership with Texas events to build 3 straight weekends of UCI events within 300 miles of each other. Small price this year to share the date, but we want to see bigger things for our region. We know JC is a tried and true event and respect that, but hope to offer our Mid/South athletes some great options that aren’t 10hr drives! Looking forward to this weekend at Ruts, and if you change your mind Steve, you will be welcome!

  4. Jkantor

    You’re not leaning, you’ve already decided. With that, I can guarantee you a muddy track at Ruts. Been raining here for 5 days. Plenty of running too.

  5. Steve Tilford Post author

    El Tejan – Remember, these are UCI races, not just conflicting regional events. I think Tanner explains it pretty good below. But, we all lose when these conflicts occur.

  6. A person

    And JC is never going to be World Cup. Venue too small, and the charm that is the livestock buildings (!) is far too narrow for a real course spec.

  7. Sean YD

    Mark it down: Jingle Cross gains world cup status next year and slots into the early season (probably the weekend after Cross Vegas).

  8. Sean YD

    Remember, the UCI is in the business to make money. The more events it permits, the more money it makes, regardless of participation. So it is not a concern of the UCI to permit one event or another. It only wants to reap the financial benefit of permitting as many events as it can.

  9. Todd

    If you’re looking for a road trip and warmer weather, consider coming to the NC Grand Prix (Dec 12-13 in Hendersonville, about 20 mins from Asheville) again this year. I recall seeing you and Catherine racing there back in 2008 or 2009, so you already have a frame of reference.

    While its only a UCI C2, it brings out some strong national competition looking for UCI points and perhaps a few days of warmer-weather training before the holidays. When dry, it’s a fast course. In the wet, like 2 years ago, it has a few very difficult punchy climbs and dicey off-camber sections.


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