Keeping Up

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There is a house across the street from my high school that has been under construction/renovation since I went to high school.  That was a long time ago. 

It is a super cool house and deserves the attention the owner gives it.  But the problem is that it is a never ending project and it is going backwards.   The repairs are coming faster than the renovations.  

I feel for the guy.  He sets up scaffolding and does one section, but his speed isn’t fast enough to off set the weather, etc.  

This is sort of the way with life.  We all have these things we need/want to accomplish.  And then we have these other things that are mandatory for life.  And we juggle between the two.  

And sometimes things get overwhelming and we can’t keep up with the weather. 

I think the key is to recognize the situation before the “roof starts leaking”.  I think it takes a few drops of experience to become familiar with the situation, but after that, try to address the issues before it gets to tipping point. 

Many decisions made under duress aren’t the best decisions.  

We all think that life gets more complicated, but in reality we somewhat control how complicated it is personally.  

Declutter if the edge is near.  Life is too short to be worried about how the weather is going to ruin your day.  


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