Louisville Day 1

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Lucky for me/and maybe you too, my computer won’t boot up and I refuse to do a whole race recap on this iPhone, so you don’t have to sit through the whining.  Even though I might not have whined too much.  

Yesterday could have been much better, but also worse.  I “finished” 44th, but got pulled.  I knew that was going to happen from the 2nd lap on. I did get better doing so things.  My buckle on my right shoe was torn off on the first lap, so I was having issues trying to keep my shoe on, especially off my bike going uphill.  

Anyway, I hope to do better today.  I don’t feel too wasted from the 47 minutes I rode yesterday. My left hamstring is a tad tight, but that could be worse too. 

Hopefully Vincent will figure out how to get my computer restarted sometime today. He is the Apple genius of our group. Plus, it is really his computer.   

Here are some pictures in no particular order.  It’s hard posting pictures on my phone.  The women’s race start was carnage. 


2 thoughts on “Louisville Day 1

  1. Fsonicsmith

    I think that’s damned impressive given two years of no cross racing, lack of mounts/dismounts practice, injury, etc. Someone gave me some shit for my previous post about “race predictor”. “Race predictor” is silly-we all know that-and I don’t think that post should have been interpreted as a jab at you.
    Anyhow, I went back and read your post from back in May of 2014 when you broke your hip. I saw that Paul Martin came to you and offered help. I have raced against Paul Martin here in Ohio. He is one of our local heroes, holds course records, super nice guy, a stud on the road, Mr. good looks, wife is hot, kids are good looking, he’s a lawyer, yada yada. Then I did a search under “Paul Martin” and saw your history of feuding so to speak with he and his teammates regarding aggressive riding. Just wondering-have you patched things up with the Netherland Rubber nee Panther Trucking guys, Texas Roadhouse guys, etc?
    Or do you see those guys infrequently enough that there is no need to worry about it?

  2. Jim Sully

    Funny recollection w your shoe dilemma.
    At Il Ciocca worlds in 91, the Italian national team were coming around every CC lap w goo-muck everywhere except their shoes…which were spotless.
    Turns out that up in an obscure location on the CC course,the Italian support staff were fully stocked w replacement shoes for every one of their riders….swapping on every lap to allow for efficient clip in .
    Caused quite the rhubarb at the nightly UCI meeting…being at the time there was the no outside support for riders other than feed-hydrate in effect.


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