Skin of my Teeth

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Yesterday was good.  And I got lucky.  At least at the end..  I have been fixing a rubber roof at my friend MIchael Fatka’s house in Iowa and had run into some unexpected issues that required time, which I am short of.

But yesterday went pretty well, right until the forecast said ran at 7 pm.  I was rushing around all day and finally got the deck covered by sunset.  It went pretty well and isn’t going to leak any there.  I even had time to do a weird corner that had pulled away from the wall.

Anyway, by this time it was after 7 and I thought they had screwed up the forecast again.  But just a tad later, it started raining and it kept raining.  I had just put on the last bit of edge caulking 15 minutes earlier and had started gathering tools to take down.

Man, is that a lucky roofing job.  Rain nearly the minute you get done.

The van is all packed and we’re heading south to Kansas in a few minutes.  The beer mile is in Topeka this afternoon.  I can’t run, but am going to watch for sure.

Then tomorrow I’m flying to LA again.  I need to pack my bike and try to get a cross bike working well enough to race next weekend in Louisville.  I’m flying back to Louisville oo Thursday.  That should be interesting.

Okay, leaving Iowa.  It rained all night and so far it is dry.  Yeah.

Laying out the sheet.

Laying out the sheet.

Seaing the seams after glueing the rubber.

Seaing the seams after glueing the rubber.



It turned out pretty flat considering I was matching it up to the existing tapered roof.

It turned out pretty flat considering I was matching it up to the existing tapered roof.


I had time to redo this corner too.

I had time to redo this corner too.

A cut out of the Levis team.

A cut out of the Levis team.

12 thoughts on “Skin of my Teeth

  1. LM

    Great job on the roof. I am sure it is a relief to your friend to have the leaking stopped. Safe travels!

  2. Levi

    I have my opinions on how you handle the doping in cycling, but you are one hell of a good friend to those in your inner circle. Some good karma happening here…..

  3. dlshulman

    I was struck by that too. Tilford gets shit at times for leading a selfish lifestyle, but dropping everything to help a friend out for several days is far from selfish. How many of us would do that?

  4. Dog

    Steve could you name everyone in the Levis picture.? I know about half of them but the rest are a mystery.

  5. Steve Tilford Post author

    Dog – Sure. Standing on the left is Ed Bauman, a friend that got me into cycling and a mechanic for Levis. Kneeling is Jimmy Mac of MTBike Action. The riders left to right are Greg Demgen, Roy Knickman, Phil Anderson, Andy Hampsten, Thurlow Rogers, then me. Next to me is Trudi. Next to Trudi is April Fatka, then Michael Fatka. Kneeling in front is my brother Kris, mechanic and April Wilburn, soigneur. That was a pretty fun team.

    This was taken at the Coor’s Classic in 1986. We won the team classification over a bunch of the best teams in the World. La Vie Claire, Del Tongo/Colnago, 7-11, etc. Phil was 3rd overall behind Hinault and Lemond. Andy was 4th.

  6. John

    A really good friend? Probably. But I would argue Steve is just a sucker for roofing, he fucking loves that shit!

  7. Charles Dostale

    Phil Anderson has Panasonic on his jersey instead of Levi’s. Getting those jerseys ready for him was down to the wire before Michael left for Colorado. Isuzu Trooper in the background.


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