Little Beat UP / TGIF

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Yesterday wasn’t that long, just 4 hours, but I got a little beat up riding over to Lawrence on gravel and then riding the white trail, just for a bit.

The Clinton trails are great.  I didn’t realize they had a “fun” section with bridges, teeter-totters, etc.  I plan to head back when I have some more time and explore them more.  But, I was a little off balance yesterday, a couple times and did some tommy-tipovers.

I didn’t exactly crash, I just came to an abrupt stop and couldn’t get my foot planted by the time I needed to.  That is pretty much the worst part of my broken left hip, trying to plant my foot to the side to stop side motion.

Anyway, it could have been worse.  My right thumb got the worst of it.  I must have squished it between my bike and a rock because I couldn’t really use it after.  And still can’t.  It’s all swollen up black and blue and hurts pretty good.

My bike, thou, rides great.  At least on a trail like the white at Clinton.  It is super technical, with lots of rocks pointing in all directions.  I wish I would have taken a photo, it is intimidating.  And really amazing that you can actually ride a bicycle over them.  This bike makes it so much easier. I really haven’t ridden a newer model dual suspension bike before.  They are so fun.

I ended up using the lockout nearly as much as shifting.  I hope to get a couple more ride on it before Berryman next Saturday.

The big news, interesting at least, is that there has been a new governing body for cycling in the US established.  The North American Cycle Sport, a business, that seems, is in direct competition with USAC.  It will be interesting watching how this turns out.  I doubt these guys will be able to gain too much traction with established racing.  But gran fondo and other unsanctioned events might be up for grabs.

I have to head off to the airport in about 30 minutes, so have to cut this short.   Time is always short it seems.  I wonder why that is?

BIll and Andrew heading back towards Topeka last night.

BIll and Andrew heading back towards Topeka last night.

I was bleeding, just a bit, in quite a few places.

I was bleeding, just a bit, in quite a few places.

I saw this guy drive by yesterday.   KInd of looks like he is driving.  He sure looks happy.

I saw this guy drive by yesterday. KInd of looks like he is driving. He sure looks happy.

At the airport. 

18 thoughts on “Little Beat UP / TGIF

  1. Joe C

    I bought a Scott Genius on a whim a couple of years ago, and I am shocked at how much I use the dual lock it feature on the suspension.

  2. Mark

    Our trails have those little “skills” obstacles spread all around them. I pretty much stay away from them. They don’t imitate what I ride/race on so I’m not really sure what they make me better at other than riding “skills obstacles”.(?) I guess if you enjoy the challenge then have at it. Haha!

  3. Max

    When I first switched to FS I used to lock my suspension out a lot as well. It took me a while to realize that often times I wasn’t doing myself any favors. What we often perceive as being faster isn’t necessarily so. I have since removed all remotes from my handlebars and am usually faster with a fully active suspension.

  4. mike crum

    typo. sorry.. i ment TGIF.. TGIF is for us workers that hate our jobs, hate the commute… me, i gotta cram training in after 2 part time jobs.. i cant wait till TGIF. (even tho i work part time some weekends as a bouncer…).. you? u dont work.. thats why i was wondering why you say TGIF..isnt every day for you like a saturday? if its raining out i gotta train.. i imagine you wait till it clears.. i wish i was in your shoes never working.. and i ant talking about working on your car or helping chop fire wood or putting on a new roof.. i mean work. everyday shit…wake up at 5. drive in heavy traffic to a shit job. work the shit job. drive in traffic home.. everyday of this shit.. just curious as to why you say that…

  5. Mike Rodose

    I just heard Joe Saling, while announcing the UCI CX C2 race in NJ, recall the “Tilford crashes through the ice story”!

    Joe finished the story by saying at the Providence CX Nationals there was a No Tilly Zone, right by the frozen lake section.

    Steve…any links, articles that best describe that best describeyour ice-plunge? And your Win after emerging from the ice-bath?

  6. Joe Master Racer

    Little thin to be Sammy H. Go look at some pics of a younger Roger Daltrey. Never the less, all 3 are rock stars.

    Just say’n.

  7. chuck martel

    People that drive around with a dog on their lap should be sent straight to jail after a good licking with a bamboo cane.

  8. Kazi Rekab

    Hmmm?? Bit of hate I detect??

    If your job/life/whatever is that bad….Change it.
    Life is too short.

    Anyways, have a good day Mr Crum!!


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