25000 Water Bottles in 4 Days

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The Abu Dhabi Tour just published an article that said that at the Abu Dhabi Tour, the teams at the race used 25000 water bottles.  That is just for a 4 day stage race. Divide that by the 107 riders that started the race and it comes to nearly 60 bottles per day/per rider.  Anyone going for this?

So if you were the water bottle fetcher for one of the teams, you would have had to drop back, say, 50 times, if you could carry 6 bottles back to your team, 300 total, plus the 60 that you were going to use.  That means you would have 2 miles on a 100 mile stage to drop back into the caravan, get the bottles and pass them out again.   Pretty much a continuous rotation.

Maybe they are counting all the water bottles they gave out to the public for souvenirs during the race?  But that wasn’t what the article implied.   Maybe just an inflated number?   Guess they think that is an impressive thing?  Shows me it was just really hot, no matter what the real figure was.

And the Tinkoff team brought their own bottles, it seems, so we need to refigure the number.

And the Tinkoff team brought their own bottles, it seems, so we need to refigure the number.


14 thoughts on “25000 Water Bottles in 4 Days

  1. Franz

    •25,000 – water bottles for the whole staff, including riders

    still seems like to many. probably a metric conversion problem

  2. Steve Tilford Post author

    Franz – Okay, 30 for the staff and 30 per rider per day. That would still be a bottle every 3 miles for the rider and every 3 miles for the staff. That is if the stages averaged around 150 km a day.

  3. Mike Rodose

    There is a Democrat candidate that has a platform based solely on the US converting to the metric system. Wow!

    Now. How many water bottles were consumed in the metric system?

  4. Telford

    I’ve lived and worked in the Middle East quite a bit in my past. Most places its not advisable to drink the tap water and instead you get the small plastic bottled water – about 10 ounces per. So, I’m wondering if the story is referring to this type of bottle vs. a typical 21-24 ounce bike bottle. That would roughly cut the number in half and with staff might be a bit more reasonable.

  5. Sean YD

    Though not clearly specified in the news release, the 25,000 water bottles listed was the total number of bottles on offer for the entire event. It does not necessarily mean every bottle was consumed.

  6. Larry T.

    Thought I read somewhere that one guy went through 58 bottles between what he poured over his head and consumed due to the ridiculous heat during one stage? If the riders had any cojones they’d form a strong union and put a stop to money-grabs like these sandbox events. But fly ’em over 1st class and put ’em up in a fancy hotel and they forget all about all the stupidity pretty quickly I guess?

  7. Robert

    Or…maybe they’re smart enough to realize that these “money grab” events are paying their salaries?

  8. mike crum

    hey steve, you raced all over the world, and i imagine in extreme hot, cold, rainny windy conditions, so what the most bottle you have taken in a race? pour over your head, drink ,whatever.. how many have you used? thanks


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