2015 Chequamegon Start Action

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Here’s a video from the back of the quad taken at the start of the Chequamegon Fat Tire from a couple weeks ago.  I wasn’t trying to be a camera hog, but I was planning on starting fast, so was at the front.  I didn’t even know that someone was taking video.  It shows the action before we actually hit the grass.




32 thoughts on “2015 Chequamegon Start Action

  1. Calvin Jones

    The MN Junior Racing Club kid on the right side of the screen looks like he needs a shave.

  2. Christian

    I think the best thing about this video is that it’s obvious, after many races, that you are still really enjoying yourself out there. Lots of smiles and talking to others during the initial roll out. Keep it up!

  3. darkcloud

    Way to go Steve.
    Interesting perspective of the various seat heights. Looks like some guys ride with painfully low saddles.

  4. Nick

    Steve, you continue to be an inspiration.

    A little different scenario out of Gate 5 – took over 2 minutes to cross the starting line. I suppose there is little hope for a wave start in the future.

  5. charlie gillum

    cool angle. I am thinkin….was a nice draft pocket for about one minute until the car hit 40 🙂

  6. Levi

    More in love with yourself, you could not be. When you jerk off do you fantasize about your other hand?

    You look like a complete tool with your head whipping around to see if all the others are admiring you or when you burn a couple watts and you look back to see if you somehow dropped the entire field 90 seconds into the race. Everyone else has the appropriate business face on, and they’re focused, like they should be.

    You didn’t know they were filming? Like they did last year and the year before that? Bullshit, you were posing like a fucking runway model. And that’s exactly why you turned off the gas when the quad pulled away. The show was over, so now you were gonna get in the wheels and be economical.

    The only thing more nauseating is all you fucktard jocksniffers posting shit like you did. Jesus you guys are pathetic!!!! How’s Steve’s ass taste?

    Ha ha ha.

  7. Jim Ochowicz

    Levi is spot on, but he’s really smelly. Acura USA sent that mdx right to the crusher after he drove it for a day. Total write off

  8. The Cyclist

    I just admire everyone who rides with barends. Including you. An MTB w/o barends just looks ridiculous to me. Especially if it’s a 29er. I like the way you ride, too. Never seen you ride before. Damn cool!

  9. Mike Rodose

    I saw it differently.

    Happy, adrenaline time. Pro. Leader is head-turning to ensure pack is maintained. A position of influence and respect. Front Line Pro.

    ATVs are made to be drafted. Someone is the Point of the Race. It is his privelege to dictate a pace. And when to pull off and form a pack again.

  10. RGTR

    The problem with Dad’s breastfeeding their babies. Mother’s should always do this. Look what happened to Levi.

  11. Mike Rodose


    What were the reasons you eliminated the thumbs up/down?

    I like that feature, but support whatever is best for you.

    Thank you.

  12. Levi

    Jesus Mike are you for real? Why don’t you just get on your knees and suck his dick? Ensure the pack is maintained? It’s 10 seconds into the race and they’re NEAUTRAL! Where in the fuck do you think the pack is?

    A position of influence and respect? Front line Pro? Fuck man you’re an embarrassment. I officially name thee HEAD jocksniffer. Pun intended you fucking ass kisser!

  13. Steve Tilford Post author

    Levi – If you want to not have to sit in the corner, you’re going to have to play more fair. I don’t mind you being a dick and commenting harshly to me, but you’re overstepping the line here. You can get your point across without being so crude and insulting. Just tone it down.

  14. Mark G

    Those comments suck , ignore or deleate them. Most of us really look forward to your Cheqaumegon coverage the most. I wish you ran that new shimano camera for it

  15. Charlie

    Um, Levi, don’t you have anything better to do? Isn’t there someone you could get angry at in person, or have they all gone away? Calm down, for crying out loud.

  16. Big B

    Way to go Tilly, it’s good to see in this day and age that you allow all posts and don’t censor anything….most people are pussys and can’t handle the BS comments on a public blog and censor it.
    The comments are 1/2 the reason I come here, the other is I’m envious of your lifestyle, keep it up!

  17. JB

    Ok, true or not, Levi’s initial comment is pretty funny snark. Good for Steve for being cool with the haters.

  18. jpete

    Bob, I wonder what it says about you that you seem stuck on this issue. You bring it up, like, what, once every 30 days or so. Really bothers you, does it? What is with your crusade to make things fair and right, so much so that you are stuck on whether or not Steve closely adheres to the rulebook pertaining to his clothes? Does your perception that these stripes are unearned cause you to perseverate on it to the point that you can’t let it go? Is this how you are in other areas of your life? Are you so stuck on the details that you miss the bigger picture. Might I suggest a therapist to you to help you learn to let go? Perhaps someone skilled in treating Anxiety issues, if not cluster B personality disorder issues? I think we can all agree that the WC stripes are probably not 100% up to code, being worn in events he did not earn them, but , then again, damn, dude, he has won them several times over in several events. Also does not affect his performance or the performances of those around him.

  19. Frank

    Don’t play dumb.

    This isn’t ‘nam; there are rules.

    You know you aren’t allowed to wear WC striping on your sleeves unless you’re racing in the discipline and category in which the championship was won. Masters are only ‘B’ championships, anyways.

  20. Steve Tilford Post author

    Frank – Okay, let’s address this. There are two rules for entering Chequamegon. 1st rule, you enter the race and sign the waiver. 2nd rule, you wear a helmet. Do you think that Chequamegon is a UCI race or something? Or even sanctioned? If you are being rule stickler here, at least know when to apply them.

  21. frank

    So, Chequamegon is the only race you wear WC stripes at?

    Don’t play dumb.

    You wear those fake stripes in every race you do, whether it’s Nature valley or froze toes.

    Hopefully some USCF official somewhere will have the balls to tell you to go to your car and change or go home.

  22. Neil Kopitsky

    If I ever won a World Championship in ANY event at ANY level, I’d have the damn stripes sewn onto every last freakin’ thing in my closet. And not just talking cycling kit. I’m thinking dress shirts, ’80’s sleeveless concert T’s, Suit jackets, boxer shorts. I’d have rainbow stripes on my Johnson and Murphy wing tips . . . .

    And envious petty pinheads like Frank could do with me what they may . . . Hell, they could arrest me, as long as I could have rainbow stripes sewn into my orange jumpsuit.


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