T-1 Day until Chequamegon

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People are starting to show up here in Cable, so it is getting confusing.  Pretty soon it seems like everyone is like a flock of birds just flowing in the wind.  I think there are going to be 10 people staying here at the Kruse compound.  Luckily the girl/guy ratio isn’t super out of wack, well it is a little, 3 to 7.  That makes for a little more organized food consumption process.

My legs are wasted for some reason, even though I barely rode 20 miles yesterday.  I was actually cramping a bit last night while sleeping.   I plan to ride way less today, even though Catherine is going to try to get me to ride the last 1/2 of the race today.  I’m not biting.

Speaking of cramping, I met the Peter Spencer, the promoter from Lutzen, yesterday at the Rivers Eatery and he told me that he had a hook up with the product from itsthenerve.  Its a anti-cramping product that I’m super interested in.  I was actually planning on trying to meet the Nobel prize winner inventor after Worlds in Richmond.  But, I guess some of the product is out there.  I know nothing about it, whether you take it to prevent cramps or you take it when you start cramping. Either way it something I’m very interested in.  I might have some in my possession as early as this evening.  It probably isn’t the best day, tomorrow, to test the product.

So far this morning we have just sat around and talked about tsunamis, insurance fraud, removing boat lifts from lakes, apple cider, Norwegian spitz dogs, etc.  This morning is going to turn to afternoon before anyone gets up from their chairs.

Evelyn Dong was assembling her bike this morning, but now she is stuck in the conversation. She was putting her rotors back on her wheels.  I haven’t flown with my MTB since I’ve had disc wheels.  Man, what a hassle.

I made another pie last night and it is pretty much gone.  I think there are a ton of apples still in the tree.  I couldn’t really see them last night, I’d went over and picked them at 10:30.  It would be a lot easier doing it in the daylight.

Just got a call from Pat Lemieux and they moved the ITU Grand final race up to 1 pm today.  The race is in Chicago and is on Universal Sports.  Gwen Jorgensen is going to try to cap off an undefeated season if she wins the event.

Okay, I can’t really concentrate now, so I should just stop.  I could write all morning.

This is a fork I got from Trek a long time ago. I'm going to race it tomorrow.

This is a fork I got from Trek a long time ago. I’m going to race it tomorrow.

Dennis wearing an apron, using a toothbrush to clean his bike.

Dennis wearing an apron.  Later on he was using a toothbrush to clean his bike.

2ns pie in two days.

2ns pie in two days.

Trudi got a new road bike from BMC. Looks like Andrej Bek is helping her assemble it.

Trudi got a new road bike from BMC. Looks like Andrej Bek is helping her assemble it.




12 thoughts on “T-1 Day until Chequamegon

  1. Stoney

    Steve…you should try the weight lifting Dave Wiens recommended for cramping. Us older guys need to do more of it to slow down muscle loss as we age. You’ll be better off for it if you live into your 70’s and beyond.

  2. Wildcat

    No shit, they even turned that comment into a magazine article! However, trying to get Steve to go to a gym on a regular basis would be like getting KU’s football team to win more than one game every couple years. He’s too shy and wouldn’t want to pay for the membership or a trainer. Besides, he’s so all over the place, and IMO “weight lifting” at a real gym is not realistic for him time-wise and money-wise. I’ve commented before that what Steve needs to develop is a basic 20 min. body-weight routine that he can do anywhere every other day or so. However, that leads us back to my original thought. He would rather spend 10 hours a day on his bicycle than do a 20 minute strength-training routine. Although, I think that’s true with lots of cyclists. Steve’s idea of strength-training is doing manual labor. This is an old-guys myth. It tears you down more than it builds you up. You should see all the old-guys I work with that always talk about the “hay bails” they “bucked” on the farm. Well, now they’re so riddled with arthritis they can’t even get up out of a chair without making some type of comment about how they can feel the weather’s about to turn. See you in church.

  3. Lumpy

    Good Luck with your race.
    And how is an anti cramping therapy not doping. Pretty fine line if you take it pre race, and still questionable post race. Cramping serves a purpose to circumvent that purpose sounds a lot like performance enhancing.

  4. H Luce

    “The formulation, developed and tested by Flex Pharma, is said to include ginger and cinnamon extracts as well as capsicum. The company is not only targeting MS patients and those with spinal cord injuries and cervical dystonia, but also athletes and older adults that suffer from muscle cramps during intense activity or at night. For those patients, Flex plans to market the TRP activators as a dietary supplement, however it will seek FDA approval for indications for spasticity and dystonia.” http://www.neurologyadvisor.com/neuromuscular-disorders/trp-activator-muscle-cramps-multiple-sclerosis/article/399049/
    “The TRP channels play a significant role in taste with channels responding to different tastes. TRPA responds to mustard oil, wasabi, and cinnamon, TRPA1 and TRPV responds to garlic (allicin), TRPV responds to chilli pepper (capsaicin), TRPA responds to wasabi (allyl isothiocyanate) and mustard oil; Trpm is activated by menthol, camphor, peppermint, and cooling agents; yet others are activated by molecules (THC, CBD and CBN) found in marijuana.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRPV

  5. Jackie Gammon

    Not sure whether this will help on the bike or not, but have a suggestion for you in terms of sleeping and having cramps. Years ago, I heard someone mention that they put a bar of soap in their bed, so it sounded easy enough to try and I have now been doing this for the past 3-4 years. It truly does work for most folks. I’ve tried to research this and could not really come with any facts as to why it works, but it seems to. The only thing that I did see was that one website mentioned using scented soap. So each night before bed, I simply make sure that my bar of soap is in my pillow case. Good luck! Sounds like a old wives tale, but for me it works and I’m happy to share.

  6. Tommy D

    I highly recommend #ITSTHENERVE, it’s always part of my daily routine and it works great with Tramadol. Remember, it’s not doping until you get caught. BTW, they will never find that B sample, thanks Och for making that go away.

  7. H Luce

    Steve’s an “older adult who suffers from cramps during intense activity” so it’s hardly “performance-enhancing” – the idea is to bring physiological response back to normal levels rather than to create an abnormal physiological condition which will enhance performance. Steve could probably have a bit of pasta and pesto – with a good slug of garlic in it – and get the same effect.


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