Crazy Monday

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Wow, how about the stock market this morning.  Makes you think it is all fake money and people are manipulating the average persons life’s saving for their own benefit.  I understand the importance of China to our economy, but question the extreme value fluctuations of US stocks in relation to worry about the future of perceived problems.

Then Nibali getting booted out of the Tour of Spain.  I officially don’t like that guy at all, not that I was any fan before.  He said, “What happened in the Vuelta happens in every race.”   No wonder he wins races.  Then he apologizes and says getting kicked out was too severe.   That guys has lost his mind.  In more than one way.  First, doesn’t he realize that he’s most likely being “filmed” at all times.  2nd, the dude is the current Italian National Champion, plus past Tour de France winner, and that guy doesn’t “get to” hold onto cars to get back up to the front.  Plus, the nerve of him, riding away from a huge group.  Notice how the group just sits up.  I would love to hear what was said when Nibali just disappeared up the road holding on car.  I bet most of them probably were thinking it was all hunky-dory and that the penalty was too severe.  Crazy. Watch the video below and make your own decision.

Yesterday was good.  We rode over to the start to see Trudi and just enjoy the whole race start.  We tried to ride up Lookout Mtn. to watch the field go by, but 30 minutes before the start the authorities were turning spectators back.  That seemed really way too early.  People were really bummed.  I didn’t really care, but races really need to be fan friendly or the fans will cease to come.  That isn’t good.

Then we rode down to Denver and caught the last lap of the circuit.  The finish was good.  We didn’t hang there because there was too much commotion and we wanted to ride.  I went by to visit Trudi at the BMC team dinner/celebration party, but didn’t hang because there were way too many people and, once again, too much commotion.

Trudi is working this morning and might not be done to later this afternoon.  I am going to drive back up to Steamboat Springs to visit the Eriksens for a day or two.  Vincent is driving to Salt Lake City to get a new car and trade in his old one, so it seemed like a good time.   Trudi usually sleeps the next two days anyways, so she might as well be doing that in a beautiful place up in the Aspen trees.

I might ride over to Boulder this morning to check it out.  I was planning on getting breakfast there, but Vincent made his egg special and I can’t turn that down.

Okay, it is a little less smokey here, but it is still visible.  It is very hard to believe all this smoke is from the West coast.  Must be a ton of fires going on.

Joseph was in the early break heading up Lookout.  He is the last guy in line.

Joseph was in the early break heading up Lookout. He is the last guy in line.

Trudi working yesterday morning.

Trudi working yesterday morning.

Here is Huge Walton and Eric Heiden, old friends for a long time.

Here is Huge Walton and Eric Heiden, old friends for a long time.

BMC guys before the race taking a photo.

BMC guys before the race taking a photo.


25 thoughts on “Crazy Monday

  1. Ted

    It really has nothing to do with the Chinese economy per se – at least at the moment – but everything to do with the fact that the Chinese government devalued their currency by 4% a couple of weeks ago causing Apple stock to spiral down (biggest market for iPhones is in China) – that prompted other stocks to fall which just created a question mark for most institutional investors – time to take a profit and sell – large selling leads to big movements in the DOW but it is institutional selling not small investors doing it. Most have sophisticated algorithm programs that they use so they also profit when the market is going down which just creates a snowball affect. I am sure many traders made a lot of money this morning – counter to what is beneficial for the average investor.

  2. joriverdog

    Mr. Nibali seems to be part of a long tradition of the cycling Mafia….which feels entitled to doing things as they want. The Russian teams are always getting their hands caught in the ”til”.

  3. Krakatoa East of Java

    If Nibali had gotten out a syringe filled with EPO and injected himself (live, on-camera), I’d consider it to be less serious than what I just watched in the video. That was so incredibly bad.

  4. Mark

    What a lack of sportsmanship on his part! I’m not even sure what to say about the entire thing other than I think it’s fantastic that he was sent home.

  5. Jim Ochowicz

    Geeez, you’re turning into a prima donna mooch. Next time, VIP’s only and I’m going to give you a tiara. Only the best for you

  6. El Jabón

    the difference between cheating and cheating by doping is big. Health of other riders who might otherwise be pressured into the same shit is one reason, no?

  7. scott

    seriously, i thought tossing nibali was a bit severe until i saw the video last night – unbelievable! what an asshole.

  8. Bolas Azules

    Maybe the New England Patriots can find a way to co-sponsor Astana…some teams just can’t to stay out of trouble.

  9. Krakatoa East of Java

    Like the riders who watched that first guy cheat at the RR crossing this past Spring, and then chose to also cheat (almost getting themselves killed by a high-speed train in the process)? It’s at least the same. Nibali was potentially inspiring others to grab onto team cars (until he was caught and kicked out).

  10. Jim Ochowicz

    Actually, the deflating the football is an idea that I shared with Dreamy Tom Brady many years ago. Also suggested that he wear pink pants and tie a preppy sweater around his neck. Thom Weasel style. Thats why they pay me the big bucks, I don’t round corners – I find real world solutions

  11. Jim Ochowicz

    Its probably my fault, got my brokers license out of a cracker jack box. I’m a little bit dangerous, Thom usually keeps me on a short leash. Hein and I get so hopped up on poppers and viagra that we never know how to back down

  12. Donkybhoy

    Nacer Bouahnni did something very similar today to get back on after a crash and managed to sprint to 3rd. Only fined.

    Problem with UCI, is applies the rules in such an unfair manner.

    Cav did similar in 2010 to get back on and win a stage.

    Not a fan of Nibali, but as he said, it happens all the time.

    As an aside Sean Kelly blamed the Astana DS for the sticky bottle.

  13. The Cyclist

    I’m surprised they didn’t blame the car or the DS for it. Looks like the accelerator accidentally got stuck to the floor. Sure not Nibali’s fault. Woulda been dangerous to let go of the car at that speed.

  14. Krakatoa East of Java

    Anyone who knows how the UCI works, knows that who you are (and how you behave) has a lot to do with how you’re treated. Nibali is an Astana rider. They’re not exactly a “favored team” in the pro-cycling business. Aside from that, you can’t exactly ignore that video. They’d get a lot of shit in the press for letting that go without a race expulsion. Hanging-on is one thing, but he could have stayed in that group and rejoined. Instead, he cheated his way to another group (and he attacked THAT group after joining).

  15. Larry T.

    I’m a guy who likes Nibali…..and one who thinks this was a real bonehead move by all concerned – all people who should know better. The explanation/excuse didn’t improve things much either. I don’t think he was all that excited about racing La Vuelta anyway, seems like a deal cooked up by the Kazak oligarchs since he failed to meet their expectations at Le Beeg Shew last month. Someone like Felice Gimondi needs to remind him great champions don’t behave this way, especially when wearing the national champion’s jersey. I hope he’ll take some time to think about it, then apologize for real…and then consider an exploit at Lombardia to salvage something from a dismal 2015 after being on top of the cycling world in 2014.

  16. davidh

    Agree, I don’t think a “happy” racer does something that irrationally brazen. From the news sites it sounds like he was pissed no one from his team waited for him.

  17. Mark

    As Nibali said, people do it all the time. I would say, 99% of the time the rider is isolated off the back by himself. He was with a large group. This would be equivalent to Quintana being towed up to the lead group after being split up by the crosswinds during the Tour. Shit happens while racing! If you can’t get back in the race on your own power then, oh well, “that’s racing!” This guy is classless! Just like when he attacked while Froome was having a mechanical. Fuck that guy!

  18. The Cyclist

    Concur, plus it looks like he’s been havin too much pasta which probably weighs him down both physically and mentally. Thus needs for car tows and stupid excuses.

  19. Russell

    Funny sport. I googled nibali to read more about the expulsion and nothing came up. I had to type in the name of the event to even get a story to populate. When it did it was cnn international and the photo associated with the article was a blood bag. God bless google. Just working with what works. Ignorant of cycling apparently like most of us.

  20. Charles Dostale

    Funny, we used to call Hugh Walton “Huge” at Michael’s went he called . . . not sure if that was a typo or on purpose Steve. His legs were a LOT bigger in the early ’80s.


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