Todd and Ned’s Durango Dirt Fondo

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Since I’m sort of getting back into MTB racing a little more, the timing of this is perfect, at least for me.  On the weekend of September 11-12, Ned Overend and Todd Wells are hosting a 25th anniversary celebration of the first UCI World Championships in Durango, 1990 and, thus are doing the Todd and Ned’s Durango Dirt Fondo.  (I’m not sure why Todd’s name is first there.)

I was invited and plan to attend.  Rumor mill has it that John Tomac and Julie Furtado will be there.  Plus, Mike Kloser and other blasts from the past that participated in the early days of organized MTB racing.

Saturday, it is off-road riding, with a 50 mile course and a 30 mile course.   Then Saturday night, there is going to be a party of the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the 1990 UCI World Mountain Bike Championships.  The next morning is an organized breakfast to benefit NICA.

You don’t really need that much of a reason to go to Durango and ride your MTB bike, but here you have the added bonus of riding with some of the past and present stars of the sport.   It should be a very fun time.

Here is a link to their website for details.


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This is a photo from the Cactus Cup in Whistler, about the only time I was on the top step of the podium when Ned was with me.  Looks like Todd is missing some lycra and skin.  It was a very cool course.

This is a photo from the Cactus Cup in Whistler, about the only time I was on the top step of the podium when Ned was with me. Looks like Todd is missing some lycra and skin. It was a very cool course.

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  1. Larry T.

    Why do you constantly write “MTB Bike”? Doesn’t MTB stand for MounTainBike? Do you also write “ATM Machine” (AutomaticTellerMachine) and “VIN Number” (VehicleIdentificationNumber) as well? I realize this is a blog and not a term paper but things like these and “should of” instead of SHOULD HAVE make you an embarrassment to your high school English teacher.

  2. Grammar cop

    C’mon Larry! Don’t be such a downer man. If that really bothers you, you may want to upgrade to Steve’s pay site where the grammar and such are perfect and the pictures have more pixels…or go read some other blog. Lighten up….

  3. low-blow velo


    The sequel was “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey”. Tommy D. there’s your FONDO moniker bro! EXCELLENT!

  4. crass slang velo

    Steve should write it as “MT bike” from now on. And one can’t be too careful and redundant with acronyms such as ATM. You want precision with that one.

  5. Chris Froome

    Hey Cycling Fans and Mr. Tilford! Chris Froome 2015 TdF World Champion here getting ready for some Vuelta Action by training my butt off (inside Richie Porte’s old rolling human lab- our Kustom Sky Anglophile delight Rocking Motor Home- Team Sky we are so elitely Kool!!!) That’s right, I don’t train on the trail anymore- not on the road either for that matter- Don’t need to train with our newest preparationes! (that’s Spanish!) methods- our rolling Fiesta De La Dopage! EAT YOUR HEART OUT OCH AND BMC! Richie can’t sleep without his RV Motor Doping Home!

  6. Mark

    I’ve never seen the word “cockhead” spelled as “Larry T”.??? Then again, I’m no English major. Learn something new every day I guess!

  7. Niles

    Larry. You really are quite the buzzkill, aren’t you?

    For your information, your comment contains many grammatical errors.

  8. Jim Ochowicz

    Mr Froome, have you thought about a new broker to help you with your wealth? Check with the UCI, they’ll give you a great reference for my services. Hein…check with him

  9. Jim Ochowicz

    Due to the fact that I’ve let him freeload more than once, accepted a kitten as a gift and provided him with a new pair of cycling shoes – Mr. Tilford has nothing to say about this matter. Right Steve?

  10. barb martin

    These comments about grammar crack me up. He’s a bike racer for cryin’ out loud and an inspiration for many of us, not a college professor. I just feel lucky to be offered some inside info on many of the most interesting cycling issues of the day. Thanks for your blog ST.

  11. Angus

    Hey Steve,

    Steve please give full account of the 25th celebration!
    Stuck in Australia so cannot attend 🙁

    Now an old guy who was kid inspired by Tomac and Julie and you in early 90’s, and had to deal with Cadel as a junior XC racer.

    A full write up is very much appreciated.



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