Gwen Jorgensen – US Olympic Team

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Since it’s Sunday, here’s some fun and uplifting new.  Gwen Jorgensen won the test even in Rio and is now officially on the US Olympic Team, that is going to be held in Rio next year.  Super new and super result.  Here is a link to her website that  has a recap of the race and  ton of pictures, pre and post.  Congratulations!  And below is a video that Specialized made showing her training in Vitória, Spain, where she is based most of the summer.



ITU Rio 2015 - Olympic Test Event  Elite Women

ITU Rio 2015 – Olympic Test Event
Elite Women

4 thoughts on “Gwen Jorgensen – US Olympic Team

  1. Richard Wharton

    She’s literally “running away” with it. What – 12 wins in a row, now? Her stride is incredible. Whatever her training/rest/equipment formula is, it’s definitely working.

  2. JR

    She is a fantastic athlete! I hope she can bring home the gold in Rio, and as it stands now, is the overwhelming favorite. Time will tell.

  3. Donkybhoy

    Not a fan of Tri, but those swim suits don’t do anything for the visuals, imo.

    Had Ironman here at the weekend, and boy did i get as far away from it as possible.

    Time some Tri Lady got designing something visually neutral rather than what Tilford’s friend is wearing.

  4. charlie

    The girl can for sure swim and bike. But, her run splits are unbelievable. If she gets off the bike anywhere close…..fat lady is singing loud. None of the other pro women are even close. Only a handful of the pro men can match her run splits


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