Don’t Screw with the Irish Meat Industry

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You know when governing bodies are serious about their drug suspensions when they double the penalty, partially because the accused rider was considered lying.  And specifically lying about where he bought his tainted beef.

This is exactly what the Irish Sports Council did, double Ciaran Kelly’s 2 year penalty to 4 years. They did this because they found his conduct as “deceptive”.

The gist of the story is that Ciaran Kelly, no relation to Sean Kelly, tested positive for Clenbutero, remember, Alberto’s problem drug.  Ciaran had lost 10 kg, which translates to around 22 lbs. He said that , just like Alberto and Michael Rogers, that he ate contaminated meat and that it was unintentional.

But, alas, the Irish Sports Council didn’t believe him and got pissed, so they doubled the sanction to 4 years.  They relied on the testimony of “the butcher”, who said that he never used the packaging that Ciaran produced to show he actually bought the meat since he had no receipt.

So, the Irish Spots Council took it upon themselves to protect the entire beef industry of Ireland by doubling the penalty.   (I wonder what penalty Lance would have gotten in Ireland, decapitation?)  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it.  Anyway we can keep these little skinny 98 lb weaklings, that can produce 7 watts/kg of power, out of the sport, I’m all for it.

But, losing 22 lbs., that really is pretty amazing.

Here is a link to the story in the Irish Times.

Ciaran back when he was a chubby little lad.

Ciaran , back when he was a chubby  lad.



16 thoughts on “Don’t Screw with the Irish Meat Industry

  1. krakatoa

    Take a look at Google Maps Satellite view of Ireland. It’s basically one big huge farm, with a few roads carving it up. And it’s still a generally poor country, as farming alone does not a robust economy make.

    It’s one thing to make a statement in the media that can threaten a double-digit percentage of an already fragile economy, but the fact that a fellow Irishman is the one to have said it makes is particularly harmful. Every Irishman knows that the national economy is fragile.

  2. krakatoa

    Even worse, he singled-out a single butcher’s meat. Threw that poor bloke right under the bus.

    Fucking Contador and his inspiring such reckless behavior.

    It’s called a food scale. Use it.

  3. Mr. Frack

    Ireland is more than serious about their meat industry. Since the countryside is so rough they virtually use no pesticides the whole freekin country is pretty much chemical free. Their lamb and beef exports are going thru the roof. That tainted meat thing won’t fly over there. Good on them. For a country known for the Blarney Stone, that there is a no shitter.

  4. RGTR

    Ordered a burger and while waiting, I’m reading this post. Then on the overhead I hear Joe Cocker’s version of “A Little Help From My Friends”.

    ♪ ♫ Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends ♪ ♫
    ♬ Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends ♫
    ♩ ♪ Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends ♪ ♭

    I’m wondering if my burger is tainted?

  5. O'Rourke

    Ireland is not a poor country,how narrow minded and ill informed you are.It has the fastest growing economy in Europe,grew by 5 % this year alone.It has the most educated workforce in europe with the majority educated to degree level (although having a masters is now the norm).Exceedingly educated to be working in one massive farm don’t you think?Our agricultural sector is something we take seriously since our produce is excellent and brings massive revenue,our ICT sector is incredibly strong with multinational IT companies thriving here as is our tourist sector which is also booming, business innovation is highly valued here with many small businesses who set up during the recession now expanding and going global thanks to the internet age we live in.We have an flourishing island producing beautiful food,something which we are proud of and protect.

  6. Bolas Azules

    If all of this meat floating around the globe is packed full of Clenbuterol, then why is everyone else in the world getting fat and this twig of a kid lost 22 pounds? Furthermore, we need some research that proves when a skinny kid like this (or Contador) losses this much body weight it must severely affect the brain and the insanity plea is all they will have left.

  7. Donkybhoy

    Stop waving the flag for a moment.

    Ireland is getting royally screwed by its Government, like all countries. Run by Denis O’Brien from Malta, it would appear and his FG cronies.

    The myth that Irelands workforce is the most educated has long been disproven. All the IT companies set up head office for tax purposes not our the Irish workforce and have to hire foreign workers who can speak more than 1 language unlike the Irish, who the vast majority only speak English (because Irish is taught so badly in schools).

    The fastest growing economy according to the meeja, aint anything to believe neither is the food industry all its cracked up to be never mind that the farmers hardly share the wealth out.

    It is a good wee country seen from a certain angle, but it could be a great wee country from all angles. But it aint. Sadly.

  8. Krakatoa

    Poor in resources, not in education, intellect or spirit. You have one of the most vulnerable “developed” economies in the world. My grandparents (all four) were so dirt-poor, they had to leave and clean houses and work as lobstermen.

    Apple will put a Euro HQ there for tax reasons, but won’t give you even one actual Apple Store. Belfast doesn’t count.

    You’re now emerging as a real gem, but schmucks like this threaten everything that’s been gained. Your beef industry is top notch, and you seriously don’t need it hurt. That’s all. I happen to love Ireland. I’m your biggest fan.

  9. The Cyclist

    Bc this kid rides hard 6 hrs a day (just like Lance did) while the rest of the world’s sittin on its ass eatin burgers and burritos.

  10. richard hard

    well now that cycling is out he is getting his beef in other ways. Rumor is he takes hot beef injections daily and has been know to play the skin flute and swallow the music.

  11. Carlos F

    The guy came back to racing after a break of a few years. That’s how he lost 22 lbs. The pic is several years old when he was a first year div 3 pro in Belgium. He’s heavier than that now, clenbuterol or not.


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