Little Variety

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I got up early this morning to drive to MSP to do a little thing with Park Tools. I’m not exactly sure what the plan is, I know it involves video, bikes, and Park Tools, but other that that I’m clueless.

I’m excited about doing a tour of the Park Tool factory. I really don’t have a preconceived image in my mind of what it might be like. It has to be super cool.

I’m about 1/2 way there now, posting this on my phone. Today is going to maybe be a whirlwind.

I hope to meet up with the promoter of the Lutsen 99er, Peter Spencer, later for coffee and a snack. I don’t really know how long the Park Tool visit is going to take.

Yesterday I did a 4 hour MTB ride. A lot of it was on awesome single track that the Camba guys have built. These guys build trail like beavers drop trees. Super fast and really efficient. Super nice trails that flow incredible. I have to say I feel alittle worked today.

Short term, I’m thinking I’m going to do a couple criteriums  this weekend in Nevada Missouri, a small town south of Kansas City. Then I’m going to head out to Colorado to do the ,Tour de Steamboat, a fun weekend in Steamboat Springs with the guys” at Eriksen Cycles.  Then hang at altitude through Leadville.

Okay., this is getting a little frustrating so I need to stop.  I can’t seem to even add any photos. Getting close to the Twin Cities anyway.




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  1. Bart

    I assume you’ll be heading out to the mountains soon? I’d love to see you fully acclimated when the shotgun goes off at the Leadville 100.


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