29 thoughts on “Longsjo Classic Punching Match

  1. Mike Rodose

    Naked aggression!

    Townsend, aka Nude Model Dude, scored points opportunistically like Mayweather. For the win. But the damage he inflicted was minor. Dave Warner, aka Crashed-Man was hands-up, don’t shoot.

    So. A fair punishment for Nude and Punchy is to start 30 seconds behind every race he wishes to start. That way he’ll be tired and not so nakedly aggressive.

  2. DK

    Hinault did it with more class in the Paris/Nice spectator beat down. This fellow was a noob and needs to check his meds.

  3. mike crum

    hope the guy in the blue did all he could to meet up with #67 after the race away from the course, fans and refs.. dont ever ever ever let a guy do that to you without retaliation..i was brough up in a very tough fighting family and that guy has to be paid back!!

  4. Levi

    OK, so the guy on the floor was grabbing guys by the waste in the last laps including the sprint, in the rain. Their team (Greenline) is actually well known for this and it’s gotten to be really bad. It went on all weekend and this was how it came to a head. You can actually see his teammate do the exact same thing to Jerome as he rides by when Jerome is leaving. The race was already over. The guy (Warner) put lots of people in danger including Jerome and lots of his friends and teammates.

    In New England it’s a tight family. Theres really only one huge D-Bag, Adam Myerson, but he’s been pulling stupid shit for so long (and getting punched for it over and over) that he actually has his own little entorouge of hipster douches that worship him. Back to the point….. Jerome actually isolated this guy after the race, rather than endangering lots of other guys like Warner did. He knocked him off his bike and gave him a couple smacks that he RICHLY deserved. He told him to never fucking do that again. I doubt he (Warner) will.

    I actually applaud this. Settle it like men. This guy endangers everyone all weekend and no one cares. Jerome endangers no one and takes appropriate action and everyone is up in arms. The guy didn’t even get up and fight back. Typical bike racer. Any MAN will fight back when being punched. A pussy will sit on the ground and put his arms out so that someone will do something on his behalf.

    If you take your hands off the bars and grab another racer, you get what you get. Jerome didn’t deserve to be sacked from his team, but this is the pussification of America. The majority of the racers THANKED Jerome for giving this dousche a beat down. You wanna know the real deal, ask the racers from THAT race. That’s all the evidence you need.

    It’s not unlike when Jake Keough took out Bahati. Bahati had been intimidating everyone for a long time, he had it coming. That actually put others at risk, since there was a big crash. This didn’t. The racers from that race said, by majority, Bahati was riding recklessly and something needed to be done. Jake did it.

    It’ll be interesting to see what the investigation brings. I’m pretty sure it’ll show just what I said. Warner was the instigator, he just did it in the race when it was far more dangerous. Jerome handled it like a man. You guys wanna say sappy nude model jokes to his face and see how you make out? Didn’t think so, so shut the fuck up. Every bike race knows how important it is to keep money flowing in, whatever way you can, in order to keep the lifestyle going. His side jobs have nothing to do with anything.

  5. Ron

    I LOVE IT! A little BITCH got what he had coming! Needs to happen more often to these little prima Donna types!

  6. Mike Rodose

    If this is truly what happened, then Cheers for Townsend. Witnesses come forward!

  7. Bill K

    Are you sure that it wasn’t Roberto Gaggioli in that fight?

    Guess not. Didn’t see anybody swinging 2X4’s.

  8. Krakatoa

    Promoters already have to deal with guys who expose themself in public (changing), public urination (too selfish to wait in line or hit the McDonalds on the way in)… and now this?

    Be a man (or men). Have the balls to officially complain to the refs. We won’t think any less of you for tattling. Or at least have the decency to have your blanket party off-site and away from the race location. You guys just helped sully an already-suffering sport.

  9. Geezer

    This is the kind of half story that makes everyone having a recording device in their hands dangerous. This comment section is a perfect case study of it. You get half the story so the guy throwing the punches gets vilified. Then the rest of the story is revealed and he gets applauded. Happens in today’s media all the time.

  10. Tom

    He handled it like a man?

    No. No he didn’t. He handled it badly. Sorry Superchief, I don’t care what someone else is doing, retaliation ain’t it.

  11. FiddyFive11

    BAHAHA! Bicycle racing in the USA is so over. The sooner they finally completely ban bikes on roads the better. Morons with $8,000 bikes and idiotic alien costumes will just have piss their time and money away on golf. Instead of chasing each other around a city block on their douche-chariots and then having a sissy-fight, they can just pummel one another with sand-wedges.

  12. Duane

    Good points on both sides – but the lowdown is slamming somebody on the top/back of the head while they’re down….just doesn’t look good. “Sucker-Punching” somebody has always been considered chicken-shit. No doubt he deserved it, but take him off the course or catch him in an alley and teach him a lesson if USAC won’t stand up and do their job. If Levi’s comments are true, somebody has to have Go-Pro footage of Warner and his team mates acting dangerously @ Fitchburg and/or throughout the season & many of us would step up to put pressure on USAC to shut the Greenline racer/s down.

  13. Randall Legeai

    As an official, it would have been much better all-around if Jerome and other riders had reported the dangerous riding (assuming that is what precipitated this) to the Chief Ref. USAC has a new “Rider Reporting Tool” for officials specifically designed to track those kinds of incidents and riders. You may need to remind the CR about the reporting tool since it is still fairly new. Officials can check for reports on a rider to see if there is a pattern of repeated behaviors like that.

  14. Levi

    Pa-Lease! Resort to letting usac deal with it? That is a 100% guarantee that nothing will happen. Have you been under a rock the last decade? They are the absolute worst, most useless, corrupt bunch of imbeciles anywhere! Whining to an official with a trumped up sense of self importance happens after just about every race. It accomplishes nothing and makes the complainer look like a huge pussy. In that regard usac is partly to blame. If it wasn’t a colossal bunch of wierdo power trippers things might get done.

    Jerome didn’t do a thing wrong, there was just some guy running a cell phone video. Now its a thing. It should have ended right there. As far as I can see the issue was resolved.

    Old school worked a lot better than new school. I say we go back. The youth of America needs a good beating in general. Kids won’t work. They pop pills all day long and never stop looking at electronic devices. Thats why so many imigrants are here. Doing the work our kids won’t, sending our money back home and out of our country.
    The future looks bleak!

  15. Randall Legeai

    Not all officials are the same, Steve, especially the ones who aren’t NCs and are officiating mainly to help out the sport in their areas. I guess I just don’t get to enough of the big races with the big-time officials who may be officiating for different reasons than I do. You can’t expect officials to do anything about something like that if they don’t have anything to work with. What Jerome did would have been a lot more understandable if they’d had both sides (or any side?) of the story at the time, because I suspect from what I’ve seen so far that Warner had it coming and could have, perhaps should have, been DQ’d after or even during the race. If you’re going to teach someone a badly needed lesson after a race, you really need to wait until you are off the course to do that. I doubt I would have done anything in this case if it hadn’t been reported at the time, but if someone came and reported a rider for dangerous riding and I checked on him on the spot and saw multiple reports of that, I’d be a lot more inclined to DQ or at least relegate him even if it hadn’t been witnessed by an official and even if the other rider was denying it. In fact, we did that a few weeks ago.

  16. dixon miands

    Even if the guy deserved it do it somewhere else. The New England road season is pretty dismal. Most of the road events are gone and we race in circles. In general any locals who even are slightly effected by events want them to go away. This just gives the general public more fuel to their fire and in turn probably will lead to the event disappearing.

  17. mike crum

    jt is the kind of guy i would love to bounce out of my part time doorman job.. lol…lmfao….dude, you wouldnt stand a chance…i kick yur ass then i’d take your bike.. lol…somebody hits you you hit them back. if you dont you’re a bitch…and ALWAYS WIL BE…

  18. Steve

    Your typical cyclist is a pussy. Nice to see someone demonstrating their inner Hinualt that actually has a decent punch. Bravo!!!!

  19. jpete

    I don’t know what it is, but I can’t help but hear Oscar the Grouch’s voice in my head when reading Levi’s comments on here. Sometimes I agree, sometimes not, but always Oscar’s voice.

  20. JT

    What Krakatoa said.

    The guy getting punch might have “deserved it” but it just looks bad to punch someone over and over in public.

    I would sympathize more with one punch out of anger – on the bike. But that stuff in the video is bad.

    Tell the officials.

    And the guy was doing it all weekend?

    Tell the officials after every race.

  21. Bolas Azules

    Teammate rides up and grabs the guy. Come on now. The right thing to do was let the guy remount and get moving and then chop him good and say “Don’t F*#@ with team Carpet Bag!!!!”


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