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The driver of the truck who hit and killed my friend, Glenda Taylor, has been charged with 2nd Degree Murder, along with various other charges.  

In Kansas, there is intentional and unintentional 2nd Degree Murder.  The article doesn’t state which he was charged with. 

From Stacey Lindsay , Walnut Creek, Kansas –

After completing the initial investigation of the circumstances surrounding the incident, Sheriff Dan Peak and investigating deputies presented the case to Crawford County Attorney Michael Gayoso for review.

On June 11, 2015 a warrant was issued through Crawford County District Court for the arrest of Todd Kidwell; the driver of the 2006 Ford truck that struck Glenda Taylor as she was cycling on K-146 Highway on June 7, 2015.
Kidwell surrendered himself to the court the afternoon of June 11. He was booked in at the Crawford County Jail on the following charges listed in the warrant:
Count 1- Murder in the Second Degree
Count 2- Reckless Driving
Count 3- Improper Passing of a Bicycle
Count 4- Driving Left in a No-Passing Zone
Kidwell’s bond was set at $75,000.


6 thoughts on “Driver Charged

  1. Ian Smith

    This is excellent news for those who care about justice for cyclists. Hopefully, the case will be proceed fairly. We must not forget about Cal Melick’s case, too. The driver who killed Cal was not even charged with vehicular manslaughter, let alone being convicted of it. The driver was merely cited for a traffic violation.

  2. Skippy

    Congrats DUE TO the Police/Law Enforcement Officers for the early action in this matter !

    With those reading your Blog , also familiar with :


    it will be understood , how hard it is to get a RIGHTEOUS Decision when a Cyclist is Skittled !

    Gas Guzzlers WORLDWIDE seem to regard Cyclists as interfering with their RIGHT to drive at speeds in excess of that posted . ” Road Kill ” used to be a description , but with ” VisionZeroNewYork & in other Cities in the USA , i guess it will be in the next decade WHEN Vehicle Operators KNOW FOR SURE that there are consequences for ” Distracted Driving ” at the least and ” Chicken/Close Pass ” will be regarded AS ANTI SOCIAL , just as DrinkDrive has become in recent times !

    Law Officers have to realise that EACH & Every Cyclist killed , leaves a Community of Bereaved , even if it does not IMPACT on their TAXES !

    With a rapidly expanding waistline in ALL Countries , how hard is it for the Law Makers to realise that CYCLING is the solution to Physical & Mental Health Issues ?

    AGAIN , i call on YOU & Fat Cyclist to LEAD the way forward in getting MORE CYCLISTS Involved in SAFETY AWARENESS) ( Safe Pass & Strict Liability Laws amongst many Issues ) ! There are plenty of ” Placards ” such as found on VisionZeroWorldWide , that can be put out there to gain BETTER PUBLIC AWARENESS & Participation

  3. jef Mindrup

    This is the way it should be. Careless driving that kills someone is murder. We’ve seen decades of calling these events ‘accidents’.

  4. Wildcat

    Really? I hope I die while doing something I love. However! Certainly. Certainly! Not a day before my number is intended to be called. Which is what has happened here. My heart hurts because of this. I remember Glenda from so many years at the Bazaar RR. Always wearing her giant smile. No matter the weather.

  5. Brandon

    “Accident” implies no one is at fault. Anyone looking at incidents should refer to them as “crashes” since someone is nearly always at fault.


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