Nice Video of Alan McCormack and his Wheaties/Schwinn Bike

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I love Alan.  I truly enjoyed travelling around with him.  He was always so upbeat and fun.  Thomas Prehn, Alan and I took a long East Coast hit squad trip in a Honda one fall when we were all riding for Schwinn.  Alan kept playing a Sam Kinison tape over and over while Thomas was in the back trying to write articles for Bicycling Magazine.  It was hilarious.  Anyway, you’ll get some of Alan’s personality in this video.  I still have a brand new bike like this in my basement.

6 thoughts on “Nice Video of Alan McCormack and his Wheaties/Schwinn Bike

  1. Todd

    I saw this yesterday and was wondering if you’d have anything to say about it.

    Great video and Alan seems like a fun guy to ride with.

  2. channel_zero

    Haha. Bagging on SRAM.

    To all you youngsters aspiring to “be a pro,” USAC has been doing great work to be sure there’s no money domestically and nobody shows up to watch USAC anything.

    Time to move on!

  3. Larry T.

    For an old-fart like me, this is a great clip! I was there at the finish of Tour of the Moon, the day the race was sort of held hostage and the podium was the tailgate of someone’s pickup truck. Interesting comments from a guy who’s ridden the newest-latest, plastic-fantastics and says they don’t go around corners as well as the old bikes, brings a smile to the face of an old “steel is real” die-hard.

  4. Bill

    I was fortunate to have Alan as my instructor at the Boulder Indoor Velodrome a few years ago when I began riding/racing on the track. I was pretty disappointed when he was replaced.


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