Waking up in Vail

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Yesterday we got out of Topeka a little later than I was hoping, but still made it out to Coloroado in pretty good time.  We hit a little traffic in Denver, then again by Idaho Springs, but still got up to Silverthorne by 5.

I convinced Vincent to ride over to Vail with me, even though he already had 50 miles, partially in the rain, which is sort of normal for Colorado afternoons.

So, we got dressed really quick and headed out for the 2 hour ride over Vail Pass to Vail.  It was a super ride.

I was surprised how I felt.  I really didn’t notice the altitude much, which is really abnormal for me.  Vincent and I just talked most of the way, even though he put in a pretty big effort on the frontage road along the interstate in Vail.

We got to Vail just in time for dinner.  I’m staying with my friend Stacie from Louisville and they, Lisa, VIncent’s wife and Stacie made a super dinner.  I was thinking how perfect the timing was.

Anyway, waking up in the snow covered mountains is really nice.  I hope to get some of my allergy issues under control, plus ride my bike in some super cool places.  Vincent is talking about going down to Fruita to ride MTB in a couple days.

I think it is amazing how far you can get away from where you live so quickly.  We didn’t leave Topeka until 9:30 and were riding by 5.  It isn’t very long and it is really a different setting.

I talked to Bill yesterday and he is feeling better.  I think the pain pills are kicking in.  He didn’t sleep much the first night, but was breathing better.  He has an appointment this morning to get the tube taken out of his chest in Kansas City.  I guess I’ll hear what they say about when he can start riding.  I think it will be more the lungs than the ribs dictating that.  I know they are going to be cautious about his lung collapsing again.

Okay, we’re going to a free buffet for breakfast now.  I normally don’t like eating at buffets.  I’m not sure why that is.  I think it started one time I was at Disney in Florida.  These huge people were heaping their plates with 5 times as much food as they should have been eating.  It kind of grossed me out and ever since then, when I go to buffets I’m always just checking out what other people are eating and not just enjoying the meal.


Jack coming down to meet me.  I needed some Jack time.

Jack coming down to meet me. I needed some Jack time.

Vincent heading up to Vail Pass.

Vincent heading up to Vail Pass.

Heading down towards Vail, the lakes are still frozen.

Heading down towards Vail, the lakes are still frozen.

There are tons of snow up in the mountains here.

There are tons of snow up in the mountains here.

The view from the balconey this morning.

The view from the balconey this morning.

18 thoughts on “Waking up in Vail

  1. Wildcat

    I enjoy CO more in the spring/summer than I do in the fall/winter. Plus, less people and traffic.

  2. Wildcat

    Also, watch out in Denver – the news says there are loads of people going crazy out of their minds being high on marijuana. People driving their cars upside down and etc. It’s complete chaos – right?? Lol

  3. Bill K

    Must have been chilly on the knees. Must have got down into the 40’s where all that snow was piled up on the side of the road.

  4. Craig

    Buffets are a killer. Very little good to eat. Food is more or less shit quality. And the bastards before you never wash their hands so there is no telling what added pathogens you are getting … haven’t eaten at a buffet in years and hope not to any time soon.

  5. mike crum

    give me your tips… i must be doing it all wrong…how you get those free rooms and meals is awsome.. how do you do it? do you call your friends and say you’re coming out to colorado, hoping they ALWAYS say stay with me? i always go on a trip and stay in a hotel, then call and visit my friends when im there? give me some pointers.. how you do it? lets say you go up to wisconsin again. whats the first thing you do? i would call holiday inn and book a room. what do you do? call your fiends and say you’re coming up and hope they say you’re more than welcome to eat and stay with them? if so, im gonna start doing what you do.. you’re right, put them on the spot. make them feel bad if they know i’m coming and they dont invite me in.. i’m doing that when i go to ohio for a visit..

  6. Steve Tilford Post author

    mike-I don’t think I can guide you here. I guess everyone has different relationships with their own friends.

    My friends and I try to get together as often as possible. We talk often and plan trips where we meet up and ride our bikes together, cook meals and catch up.

    When we’re coming to another’s town or versa, we’d be insulted if they didn’t stay and hang.

    I don’t need an invitation to hang with my friends and they don’t need an invitation to come with me. That is just how we do things.

    Everyone seems to be great with it and we all have a very good time when we get together. I can’t imagine having it any other way.

    I guess you and your friends do it differently. That’s fine. It not up to me to comment on your relationship with your friends.

  7. Jt

    Mike, I think I’ve said it before. You are a frigging DoucheBag. I also now believe you to be of lower intelligence and just plain ignorant. Please crawl back into whatever crack or meth house you live in and refrain from showing your ass on this blog anymore. You are not funny, and continually come off as a complete moron. I believe I speak for many here when I say we are embarrassed for you and your idiocy

  8. Jeff D.

    Mike, maybe you before you post your comments you need to re-read what you’ve written. I can’t believe that anyone (other than haters, and I don’t believe your a hater) would post stuff as rude as what some of your comments seem on purpose. If you are posting rude comments on purpose why?

  9. Jim

    Maybe Mike is asking the questions that others wonder about also.
    I know I wonder how someone can ride and race all over the country with no visible means of support.
    Steve has a great life for a rider but one has to ask, “how is it possible?”.
    No one in my life has ever had that sort of freedom.
    I know a lot of people but it would never occur to me to just “drop in” because we are friends.
    Could he ask more politely?
    Maybe so but does it really matter?

    BTW, is this really much different than asking about BMC and Och?

  10. Stacie

    Just for the record …. As the “friend” who invited Steve and Trudi to stay with my family in Vail , they were invited because they are amazing people, salt of the earth, and would give you the shirt off their back if any of their friends needed it , without asking.
    My families time with them always creates priceless memories. They have never once asked us if they could stay or hang with us . We always invite them sometimes months ahead of time .
    True friendship with amazing people is rare and they improve our lives and I suspect improve the other people lives that they are friends with too.

  11. Jeff D.

    Who knows how Steve affords it, it’s none of our business really, maybe he made some good investments early in life, maybe a rich uncle left him an inheritance. He does have lots of product endorsements. In reading Steve’s blog daily for a couple of years, it’s pretty apparent Steve has a very close knit group of friends who would do anything for each other, We should all be that lucky. Behind God & Family, Friends are the most important thing one can have, way more important than money (not saying money not important). Steve’s Blog said Staciee was renting a place in Vail, I took it she invited her friends to come also. Have ya’ll never been on a vacation and invited friends to join. Good friends make a vacation even better!

  12. olmowebb

    Steve, I hope I meet more people like you, there are far too many bitter people like Mike already. Cheers to you and how you choose to live life.

  13. Jt

    Mike and Company, you guys can wonder about how Steve does all you want. You can even be rude enough to ask. However, if you are going to be a Douche about it, then I for one am going to call you a f@ucking douche.


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