Brad Huff – The Cyclist

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I saw this video over at and thought I should share it too, with as many of you as possible.  I’ve known Brad since he was a baby. (And he still is.)  He is way more relaxed and goofy in real life than he is here.   It is nice seeing a serious side of him commenting on some of the things that keeps him motivated and involved in the sport.  It’s short and worth a watch.


5 thoughts on “Brad Huff – The Cyclist

  1. Kcspinman

    Excellent – glad there are riders like him
    Just read “Pro Cycling on $10.00 a Day” story of Phil Gaimon
    He is also a Brad Huff fan… Thanks for sharing

  2. Max

    It’s comforting to know that guys at Brad’s level also question themselves as to why they choose to keep putting themselves through the rigors of training when the rewards are so small.

  3. gehry

    Sad that he felt he had to tattoo a blood bag on his arm. Such methods are the problems of other people. Why take them onto your own (limited) canvas?


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