Testing for EPO at the Amgen ToC

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The title of this is a little misleading.  They have been testing for EPO at the Tour of California for a long time.  Not since the inception of the race, but for nearly the past decade.

The story here is that the UCI is finally allowing collaboration between the testing agencies and allowing USADA to do testing at the race.  This is a big deal, freeing up more resources for testing, which should allow for better testing and more of it.

They also announced that they are testing for synthetic  testosterone, CERA and hGH.  I’m not sure they should be announcing this before they do the testing, but they did.  Before, like in Floyd Landis’ case, you had to have a skewed TE ratio before they tested for synthetic testosterone.  Now they are just looking for the synthetic testosterone straight out.  Seems better.

I’m not big on testing.  I think that the athletes, or their doctors, are way ahead of the tests.  But, the threat of retroactive testing might be enough of a scare for trying out new products to deter some usage.

Anyway, I never understood why all the anti-doping agencies weren’t in this together and now it seems that Brian Cookson, head of the UCI, is serious and making it happen.  I have to applaud him for this.

Don’t think they can test for Aicar.  This explains a lot of these huge weight fluctuations.   Click the CC to get the English subtitles.



24 thoughts on “Testing for EPO at the Amgen ToC

  1. Ron

    Unless they made the announcement during the first stage I doubt that it had anything to do with Talansky pulling out mid-stage.

  2. gehry

    SIlly boy. The UCI *always* divulges their testing plans in advance. And then the allergies start to hit certain riders VERY hard. Happens every time.

  3. gehry

    This same scenario has played-out over and over again through the years. The UCI preannounces a change to the testing menu, and then certain major players drop out suddenly. Cookson is no different than McQuaid. He specifically doesn’t want to catch anyone. Period.

  4. Anthony Geller

    Therefore there is no correlation between announced testing and dropping out due to allergies.

  5. El Jabón

    Maybe he just didn’t have the level of fitness to be competitive?
    Way to jump to conclusions on a pretty mediocre rider.

  6. Franklin

    What a bunch of cynics you guys are! It is entirely natural for guys to be able to put out that much strength, that much endurance, and that much power… all while being 6’1′ and weighing 140lbs. Natural I tell you!

  7. channel_zero

    Here’s the direct link to the announcement. http://www.uci.ch/pressreleases/the-cadf-usada-and-the-uci-announce-new-anti-doping-collaboration-for-the-205-amgen-tour-california/

    The first problem is the CADF is the UCI. They stopped reporting their activities entirely last year.

    The second problem is it appears the UCI is the anti-doping authority and we know they don’t sanction positives.

    Going directly to the exogenous Testosterone procedure is a step forward. If only they’d take the T/E ratio threshold down from 4:1 to 2:1 with effectively a permanent TUE granted for the exceedingly rare individual who may actually have a T/E ratio above about 1:1.

  8. gehry

    Allergies. You know how to take care of allergies, dontcha Charlie? You just put your right finger over your left nostril and BLOW!

  9. Mary

    That is unfair. As someone who has suffered from allergies, I can assure you that a certain percentage of the populace has them, even cyclists.

  10. donkybhoy

    Cookson is all about better ‘management’ of the sport, like Tennis and Football(Soccer) not about cleaning the sport up. If Cookson was about cleaning the sport he would make testing done by a fully independent body and fund it properly and whistleblowers would be rewarded rather than ostracised.

    Talansky, whom Vaughters calls ‘Pitbull’ has allergies? More like a poodle then……….

    Note that Talansky was a big fan of Levi and Lance.

  11. The Cyclist

    This used to be an interesting race only a few years ago. Now it’s just a testing facility… but it would be cool if they would catch some sprinters for testosterone.

  12. IzzyStradlin

    Woah woah woah. Sure it is less interesting now….but ATOC was never an interesting race. Pretty much a glorified TT with some sprint stages.

  13. Pierre de Sommières

    hey steeve !Do you know the guy that rules ? doc jean pierre de mondenard, he told the truth about doping for 30 years, he’s from nimes france and he’s an old biker.

  14. euro

    I hope they test Skujins’ sample extra closely after today’s improbable win. Especially with Big George “mentoring” him…


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