Day Off

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I’ve  got a friend and team mate from the Levis’ days in town, Paul Biskup, from Bend, Oregon, is hanging here today, so I’m sort of skipping posting.  Plus, I feel like shit.  I’m sleeping like shit.   I haven’t ridden in two days and not sure I’m riding today.  Probably won’t if I feel like I do now.  I had a fever of 102 yesterday, then it was 96.3 and now today it is back at 101.  Weird.  I’m not sure what I have, but I don’t like it.  I’m supposed to be heading down to Houston on Friday to ride the MS150 that I did last year, but am not sure that is happening.


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  1. Rogermac3

    There are still flu virus positives right now but won’t change anything for you other than keep resting and hydrating. I like Phil Gaimon’s rule of resting until he wakes up feeling completely well, and then take one more day off.

  2. Jim W

    Hey Steve,
    Sounds like thr flu I just got over. Week of low grade temp that would spike occasionally. Had the temp aches and respritory issues for a week then went to work and overdid it. Flu came back and I lost a second week on recooperation. I was down and out for two and a half weeks. Never get sick havent had flu for a decade. Kicked my ass.
    Take it easy. Dont let a reduced temp fool you. It may be a few more days before getting back to exerting yourself.
    Good luck.

  3. mike crum

    get well and post.. i wanna hear info on drugs in the BMC camp, and the man that cant corner GVA..maybe your gal has info? this one bad apple (GVA) giving all the other clean,drug free pro cyclists a bad name.. give us the inside scoop steve..

  4. Sam Montag

    Hey Steve,

    Hang in there and get better. Matrix Challenge is this weekend. Sorry you will miss that. We are back at the downtown location.
    You can come ride the MS 150 here on May 2-3. We have some great BBQ at are Team Tent.
    Hope you get to feeling better.


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