7 thoughts on “Gwenness 1.1

  1. S

    This just goes to prove why triathlon is just a fancy running race. It is so heavily weighted in favor of running. Good swimmers get almost no advantage, and a good cyclist’s advantage is only minimal.

  2. hmmm

    11:19 of the above video. Running 20 seconds per km faster than an elite WC level women’s field… in a SPRINT race… Yeah, seems believable…

    On another note, I have no idea why these sveness/ like a vos/ gweness videos don’t just put the “subtitles” over the footage. Why they need to fade to black for each subtitle is strange to me. Makes them slow moving and hard to watch. I don’t think I’ve ever finished watching an entire video…

  3. bobby

    For those of us who enjoy watching his videos, the fade to black adds a nice touch of suspense before the next nugget of wisdom of appears on-screen.

  4. JR

    As a competitive triathlete for 20+ years, I take some exception to S’s comments. Generally, the length of races is such that the swim is about 10%, the bike about 50% and the run about 40% of the total time elapsed. To be truly great at the sport, you have to be great at ALL three sports. The best ones are able to have enough energy/stamina that they can still run fast after doing 2 other “workouts” beforehand. A great runner who can’t swim or a great runner who blasts his/her legs too much on the bike portion will pay for it dearly on the run.

    Also, because there is no drafting in most triathlons, a strong biker does have an advantage because s/he is not just sucking someone else’s wheel.


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