7 thoughts on “Milan-San Remo Race ReCap

  1. Andrew Ross

    Sagan had a team-mate there who didn’t seem to do much for him, but it looks like Kristoff was almost victimized by having a half-dead Paolini (hats off for all the hard work, but the man pulling up the Poggio shouldn’t also be the leadout man) there to drop him off a little too soon and a little too slow. Hiding in the wheels might have worked better in a disorganized sprint.

  2. Larry T.

    Same here. Winner was so surprised to have a chance he forgot to zip up his jersey! Stinkoff’s tactics are difficult to understand, same with Lampre. Meanwhile more chainring issues for the Manx Missile. If this equipment suppler can’t even make a decent chainring, what’s going to happen when they supply a complete groupset? Has Etixx jumped out of the SRAM frying pan and into the FSA fire? But no issues at Stinkoff who have the same stuff? Or do they?

  3. Larry T.

    Thanks for the link, I’d not seen that one. Gotta wonder why they replaced a crappy chainring with one from the maker that the Missile complained about last season? Perhaps there are valid reasons the big S and big C dominate the component market? Their stuff seems to actually work reliably in most cases, unlike these johnny-come-lately pretenders who seem to have more marketing savvy than mechanical design/manufacturing skill.

  4. Abby Normal

    I’d look closer at the Di2 system as the mechanical mishap culprit; when working as expected it’s beautiful, but quite literally there can be a ghost in the machine at times. User error could also account for some of the equipment short comings; I could give two spits for what the manuals/articles say, shifting under load, especially the loads Cavendish and Boonen create will make anything wince and cringe. Even with best mechanics and the latest greatest equipment, the rider still must be cerebral about how they’re riding and accept some ownership/responsibility.

  5. Dave King

    Do any of you ever watch Cosmo Catalano’s “How the Race Was Won” videos on his cyclocosm website? No one is doing race recap videos better than him. Insightful, entertaining and capturing moments that seem to be missing from most highlight videos.


  6. The Cyclist

    Im pretty sure Degenkolb churns out twice as much torque as the wonder boy and still has no probs winning. Ain’t that strange?


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