Bromont’s Chest X-Rays are Clear. -Yeah

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So far so good. I was worried about this more than what the pathology report will be. We’re just hanging in Fort Collins for a few hours so we can take him home after.


(null)Trent showing us Bromont’s X-Rays.

(null)Frogs at the Vet office. Beautiful.

14 thoughts on “Bromont’s Chest X-Rays are Clear. -Yeah

  1. MS

    Steve – since you love Bromont so much, I would be interested to know how you feed him. I am convinced that the shit dog foods you buy at the stores (tons of corn filler) are the biggest problems in the shortened life spans of our dogs. Do you feed him in any special way hoping to get some better longevity for him?

  2. Rick Callies

    Geez man, settle down – civility trumps all here. Time and place for the dogfood industry attack is not here and now.


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