It’s all About the Cactus

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This place is all about cactus.  I’m not sure how many different types of cactus are around here, but there are a lot.  And they seem to only grow all near each other for some reason. I like cactus.  At least visually.  I have no affection for them physically.  I believe I’m going to have some physical contact this next day and a half.  I really hope not.

The 24 Hour of Pueblo starts at noon today, MST.  And, like the title says, goes 24 hours.  We haven’t stayed out at the venue over night yet, but I know, 100% for sure, it’s a party.  And tonight, it will be all night.  I hope to get a good experience of the flavor of the event, but not so good I don’t sleep at all.

I got a call from Ned (Overend) yesterday afternoon.  He said that last year he called and we talked before the Fat TIre Nationals, so he didn’t want to break tradition, so we caught up some.  He says the course in Ogden is all on snow and that it is scheduled only to be around an hour long.  That isn’t long enough.  Last year’s race, that Ned won, in Cable, Wis., was around 1:50, so this is scheduled to be half as long.  Doesn’t see right.  Anyway, I hope Ned does good.  He has been riding a bunch, more than last year, and it’s at 9000 feet elevation, so he’ll be fine.

Anyway, I’m going to ride 2 day laps this afternoon, one at 1 pm and then again at 3 pm.  We have an issue with the 1/3 of a mile run at the start.  Vincent drew the short straw, so I’m riding 2 laps early.   Then we’re gonna set up some rotation after that.  Kind of playing it by ear.

Okay, have to get going, get some breakfast, and then get dusty.  And then just more dusty.  I should probably stop and get some beer, but I’m sure there is plenty around out there already.

If you want to check on the results, they probably will start posting them sometime after 1pm MST, after we start finishing the first lap.  Click here for the link.  Wish me luck!

Oh, Happy Valentines Day!

Here are some different cactus I spotted yesterday.


IMG_5967IMG_5948IMG_5949IMG_5950IMG_5966IMG_5969IMG_5962The Saguaro are everywhere around Oro Valley.

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