7 thoughts on “Elite Men’s World Cyclocross Spoiler

  1. AKBen

    The Belgies would be world champions at the sport of Sulking When You Don’t Win. Stay classy, Belgium!

  2. Brian


    Is there anywhere to catch a replay of the whole men’s elite race? I’ve only found highlight videos that are a few minutes long. All the full length replays say they aren’t available in the US.


    Milwaukee, WI

  3. Scott

    You can watch the whole thing here http://www.cyclingfans.com/node/16749 after adding the Hola plugin to your browser that lets you browse from European countries. I got HD stream from UK. Awesome race, definitely worth it. Except for the ridiculous Brit announcers who completely missed the drama of Wout Van Aerts multiple issues that he had to fight back from.

  4. Paul in VA

    It would be nice if some website (HINT HINT) could post a spoiler-free video link following the big cross races. It’s really hard to find a post-race link without seeing the winner.

  5. armchair

    I think Page’s result confirms mechanical issues at Nats…looked to be the stronger and smarter effort bogged down by bad luck, came around when it mattered today for best US in World.

  6. Mike Rodose

    Page’s flat at US Nats was costly. It may have also motivated him to ensure he was Top American at Worlds.

    The american elite men looked average, at best. I really thought Page and Powers might have been able to crack to top 10-15 before the race. Nys was 17th, so Page’s 23rd now looks much more decent.

    Brutal sport, this cyclocross.


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