Pretty Great Results

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I was messing around on the internet last night and saw a couple results that I wasn’t even aware the events occurred.

First, and most impressive, is Bobby Lea’s 3rd place finish in the Omnium at the World Cup in Mexico.  I think this is the first time an American man  has finished on the podium at a this even in a World Cup.  Considering the state of the USAC National Track program, it was pretty much Bobby Lea himself, preparing obviously, really well, for this event.  He won the individual pursuit, only a little over a second off Taylor Phinney’s national record.  Here is an analysis of Bobby’s ride in Mexico. 

2nd, was the Iceman Cometh results.  Brian Matter won the race last weekend, over a couple Canadians, very good Canadians.  I believe this is the 4th time Brian has won the event, which would be the most by any male rider.  (I think I’ve won the race 3 times, but I’m a little foggy on this stat.)   Georgia Gould won the women’s race.  I think it is $6,000.00 to win nowadays.  Iceman, ie Steve Brown, is a very rider friendly guy.

I’m going back next year.  I haven’t done the race in many years and it is a blast.  It is a bucket list race if you’ve never had the pleasure to do it.  Here is a link to Brian’s website on his blow-by-blow.

Anyway, I‘m a long way from racing right now.  Luckily, I have a fair amount of time to get back to some type of road form.  There is lots to look forward to.


Brian, being the mother bird to 2nd place finisher, Geoff Kabush.

Brian, being the mother bird to 2nd place finisher, Geoff Kabush.



Bobby’s, nearly record pursuit, is early in the video.

9 thoughts on “Pretty Great Results

  1. Carl Sundquist

    What Bobby did was extraordinary.

    While he is the first US man to medal in a World Cup omnium, Brad Huff earnes a silver medal in the omnium at worlds. But I’m sure that Brad wpuld be the first to agree that he did it a year or to after it was added to the worlds program and not as focused as a specialty event (like decathlon) as it has become.

    That said, the Brit Ed Clancy often crushes the timed events but frequently does terribly in the massed start events.

  2. Christopher

    Brian Matter has to be the most under-the-radar pro in the country. What a year! Take a look at the podiums over the years at Iceman. Wow! We’re very proud to call him Wisconsin’s Own. Nice work Wisco Disco!

  3. Michael

    Love the attention that cross gets and understand the appeal that anyone can try it, but will never understand how the cycling media ignores Track completely. Easy to cover compared to road, more action packed than a 250k hours long road stage, fan friendly like cross …. yet Velo news gives less words to it than reviews of Fat Bikes. WTF. Bobby, Matt, Kim G., are on their own. USA cycling, no interest. Cyclist wears a mask in Beijing that they supplied, they run the other way. Track Nats coverage? Worlds coverage? Congrats to Bobby and the whole USA team for doing what they do in total obscurity. Spend a summer Friday night in Trexlertown PA watching Americas best against New Zealand, Germany, etc. and you are in Velodrome heaven.

  4. Jim

    I haven’t been to T-town in a number of years but Friday nights used to be like attending a high school football game in a state where football really matters. It was great fun.
    The unfortunate thing is how few road riders want to ride the track. That is true at our local track as well as most others I have been to.


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