18 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Stu

    He must be a big fan of the blog. Comment with us JB! Tell us about your favorite way to hide needle marks, or about how you are going to explain your career to your kids, or even your favorite method to tape IV bags to the wall! So many questions!

  2. Franz

    This is what happens when you let an app message everybody in your contact list. I get two or three of these a year that makes me do a double take.

  3. Chago

    dude Johan’s still a beast a wealth of cycling knowledge. Love or hate, he still won 7 Tours
    The junk you all pull on these guys is ridiculous. It’s like getting mad at ISIS for stealing oil! Or hating Clinton becaue… yeah… just an analogy.
    Sum is greater than parts

  4. Bolas Azules

    Can’t be the same guy. It says he studied ‘Marketing’ and the guy we all love did his best work as a Pharmacist.

    And oh, Johnny B. was the director of 8 TdF wins not 7.

  5. facebook pro

    It’s a fake account. Lots of folks out there impersonating professional athletes, celebrities, actors, politicians etc. Even if it says “11 mutual friends” I’d say those 11 friends of yours fell for it…

  6. facebook pro

    I stand corrected… It’s his real personal FB account. His got quite a lot of ex US Postal staff as friends on there.


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