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Did the trip to Cable.  I got through Minneapolis before the Friday traffic.  It was just starting to spit down rain, which eventually turned to sleet and then snow.

I sat on a plane next to a woman that was wearing way, way too much perfume.  My nose is still stuffed up.  Then when I got to the Minneapolis airport, I went to the bathroom and there was someone smoking in one of the stalls.  I haven’t seen that in a really long time, maybe years.  But, it was in the Minneapolis airport, where they busted a Larry Craig,  a US Senator, for lewd conduct, so……..

I made it back in time to make it to the pre-wedding festivities at the Sawmill.  It was good seeing all the old guys from the Minneapolis bike racing scene.

Pat has organized a MTB ride at 9 am at OO.  It is nice that he’s gonna get to go out on a ride on his wedding day.  Actually, I assume it is really important to him, nearly engrained.  It is something that binds us all.

It is cold, and wet.  Riding at over 100 degrees two days ago and now below 30, in the snow.  Big change.  Bill is bailing on the ride it seems.  At least he’s not awake.  I’d better start putting on all the clothes I have.  It’s going to be a lot of layers, I didn’t really come ready for this.


Dennis' house this morning.

Dennis’ house this morning.


I need to borrow some gloves from Dennis.  He has quite a collection of them.

I need to borrow some gloves from Dennis. He has quite a collection of them.


One side of the Sawmill.

One side of the Sawmill.


Pat and Gwen.

Pat and Gwen.


Gwen brought her TT bike to her wedding.  Nice.

Gwen brought her TT bike to her wedding. Nice.


6 thoughts on “Burrrrr……..

  1. channel_zero

    Bike geek question: Is that bike frame UCI compliant? That downtube seems like a fairing disguised as a downtube.

    Best wishes to the bride and groom.

  2. markK

    FYI from Specialized website…
    Incredibly aerodynamic, crosswind-optimized, non UCI-legal FACT carbon frame with internal cable routing, OSBB, and Fuelselage integrated hydration system; available in five sizes.
    To give triathletes a purpose-built, tri-specific, highly aero bike (especially in crosswinds) that is uber-fast but also offers optimized fit for a wide spectrum of riders. Plus with fully-housed, internal cable routing, rebuild after travel and normal maintenance is considerably quicker and less complicated.
    By ignoring UCI rules that don’t pertain to tri anyway, we were able to design extra-deep airfoil tubing and fork (up to 6:1 ratios), and a massive headtube. These tubes dramatically improve airflow over the standard 3:1 ratio tubing, and designing each area of tubing separately allowed us to optimize them for the specific airflow. Finally all areas are optimized for crosswinds, more typical than straight-on headwinds, especially in tri.


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