14 thoughts on “Bird’s Eye View of the Race Start of The Chequamegon Fat Tire MTB Race Yesterday

  1. Geo

    I never realized how long the roll out was…I feel like that could be sketchy starting out back or mid way …
    I have to do this race

  2. jed schneider

    the quads actually slow it down. I have no idea why they have such determination to keep rolling it out instead of just having a normal start. There is nothing more biased than a neutral start.

  3. Jesper G

    If you had any aspirations of a winning ride, then you better be in the first 50 or so on the line. There are already lots of people getting dropped by the end of the vid. Looks like a helluva good time though.

  4. Jesper G

    Nah, it was not Sublime. I think it was something along the lines of Inya. I was waiting for some Gregorian monks to starting moaning. Made me wanna light some candles, fire up a bowl and ponder the future of Boulder cross racing.


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