Chequamegon 40 Reroute Planning

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Recent persistent rains and high winds have taken a toll on the courses of this weekend’s Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival presented by Trek. After review and consultation with responsible land managers and trail workers, it is agreed that a wet weather contingency plan will be implemented for the Chequamegon 40 race course from Hayward to the Telemark Resort in Cable.

That is the official word from here. But, don’t let it scare you off. They are mainly taking sections of the Birkie Ski Trail out of the race and rerouting the race on logging and fire roads. In theory, it is going to make the race flatter, thus easier, but you never know the conditions of Phipps Fire Lane and other reroutes that could be “heavy”.

Supposedly we’re all going to be receiving emails with a map of the new course. Here is a link to Chequamegon website that has another link to its Facebook page. Eventually all the new info will be there.

627Normal course, but not this year.

5 thoughts on “Chequamegon 40 Reroute Planning

  1. davidh

    Like everyone else I’m anxious to see what this means. The firetower climb gets all the glory but those first miles on the Birkie Trail are wicked. (And so are the last ones, too!)

  2. JCS

    Good Luck to all the Chequamegon racers and to Gary and crew. This last week has been brutal for them. Steve, if you race be careful. You’re used to riding at the front of mtn bike races. It’s a different race at 2:40. You’ll be with you’ll be with better riders but still a lot of people to worry about around you. Not everyone makes the best decisions or good “pack” decisions. Good luck and be safe.


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