Trudi’s Birthday

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I jumped in the car yesterday at 3:45am to drive out to Colorado. I was hoping to get to surprise Trudi for her birthday, which is today, but got a little mixed up on her schedule. I thought that she was driving from Park City, where she was doing a BMC training camp, to Aspen, where the Pro Challenge starts, early, just with Sean Weide, publicist for BMC. But, as it turns out, there whole team was relocating, thus last night and today are full-on work days.

I got to Vincent’s house in Arvada by 10:30 and was planning on riding with him, then heading over to Snowmass Village, where the BMC team is staying. For one, I didn’t realize how wasted I was going to be from lack of sleep. And two, I didn’t take into account that I-70 was going to be jammed with Friday traffic to the mountains. It wasn’t that bad, but by the time we got up to Silverthorne, it was raining and hailing. So, I took a nap to wait out the rain. It rejuvenated me some.

I decided to call Trudi and explain my plan. We sort of made a tentative plan to meet in Glenwood Springs for dinner, but she was already there, getting the windshield fixed in a team car. And I still needed to ride with Vincent.

So, we just decided to postpone her birthday celebration until after the race is over. It’s really a good thing because Vincent had arranged riding from Silverthorne to Vail and back at 7 am today. It is going to be cool, like in the 40’s when we start. I’m a little worried because yesterday, riding on bike paths to Frisco, my hip was really sore and not good. Hopefully a good night rest will help that some. I guess I’ll see in just a bit.

So, happy birthday Trudi!

Trudi and Cadel after last Sunday's stage of the Tour of Utah.

Trudi and Cadel after last Sunday’s stage of the Tour of Utah.

Trudi with Bromont's birthday cake back in June.

Trudi with Bromont’s birthday cake back in June.

4 thoughts on “Trudi’s Birthday

  1. Sal Ruibal

    Happy Birthday, Trudi. At Spesh Super Camp in 1996, you and Steve (and Ned) showed me how to be a real mountain biker, both on and off the bike. Thanks for changing my life. You are all very special people.

    P.S. Please help Steve stop crashing. I’m 61 now and when it gets cold, I feel every crash I ever had.

    Sal Ruibal — MTB Hall of Fame 2007

  2. chris

    How much gas does your Insight use from Kansas to Colorado? Whatever the cost it’s always worth the trip, no allergies out there.

  3. Sean YD

    Happy Birthday (again), Trudi! It is a real pleasure to work with someone so experienced, knowledgeable and hard-working.


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