Colorado to Minnesota

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I’m doing the long-haul, left Silverthorne, Colorado on Monday and am now driving to Winona, Minnesota this morning. I have a dental appointment in Winona this afternoon.

I left Silverthorne pretty late on Monday afternoon, it was down pouring rain most the way to Denver. I had another deluge east of Denver and the driving was super slow. Then super late, in western Kansas, I was driving behind a truck and the truck through a retread. I tried to swerve but caught it with my left wheel and screwed up the underside of my Honda Insight. I stopped at a truck stop and got some bungee cords, Gorilla tape and mended the issues.

Man, it’s a big change riding in heat and humidity compared to the dry mountain air. It was nearly 100 in Topeka yesterday and I rode my normal two hours. My hip was a little less painful, which is a good sign. But, all this driving can’t be that great for it.

I’m heading up to Cable after the dentist appointment for a little downtime. It’s sort of funny, because the dentist I’m going to see in Winona just bought a cabin up there and is heading up there later this afternoon too. I hope the mosquitoes aren’t too bad.

Okay, first stop for coffee in Des Moines. This is going to be a long day.

20140806-071249-25969027.jpg I didn’t post this photo from Steamboat Springs a couple days ago. These bucks were magnificent.

20140806-071333-26013145.jpg I’ve been driving through some pretty nasty weather this whole year.

20140806-071451-26091305.jpg Luckily, I rotated my tires before I left Silverthorne. The micro spare in the trunk had never been used and was pretty much flat.

20140806-080303-28983545.jpgToo early for Bromont.

20140806-090729-32849289.jpgI’m the blue dot. My luck this year.

20140806-094028-34828904.jpgPlus, it’s road construction time of the year.

12 thoughts on “Colorado to Minnesota

  1. Mick

    Steve, it’s high and dry up here. 79 and sunny all week. Lows in 50’s. Bugs are fine. Molly plays at 7 tonight. Hope you can make it.

  2. Bryan

    You could be driving on I80 through Nebraska. We took that out of Cheyenne on our way back to Kansas in June. I think there was much under construction as non-construction parts. What sucks is when you see no sign of any construction for 15 miles but still have to deal with all the slowdowns.

  3. Spice

    “I’m heading up to Cable after the dentist appointment for a little downtime”….

    no offense, but Jealous….your whole life is “downtime”

  4. Terry

    Just got back from Minnesota/Wisconsin after spending 9 days riding trails in both states. Only had a few flies bother us. Great temperatures!

  5. donkybhoy

    Better to have bad weather when you’re inside a vehicle and save the good weather for when you’re on 2 wheels 😉

  6. gerrycurl

    Dude, you need to move someplace that has good veterinarians, good dentists, good orthopedic surgeons, a decent racing scene, and some decent weather. Considering how “eco” you seem to be, you sure do burn up a lot of hydrocarbons in the living of your green lifestyle 😉

    You need to be in Cali. You spend enough time there. How ’bout it?

  7. burnt

    Steve, you really should check out the Maah Daah Hey. Currently, it is greener than it should be; it’s been mowed so there is no route-finding required, the scenery is spectacular, and it’s all single-track.

  8. Franz

    I was in Cable last week. I broke a chain on the trail and the mosquito’s attacked. I almost abandoned my bike.

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