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Since it a rest day at the Tour, we should get back to important stuff, one which is getting Jimmy Mac into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. I nominated Jimmy for the MTBHOF a couple months ago. Now he is a nominee under the journalism category. Here is a link to my nomination.

Jimmy Mac has been a total supporter of mountain biking for decades. He accompanied Roy Knickman and myself to the first MTB Nationals Championships back in 1983. Since then he has been fully immersed. He has been a bigger supporter of the sport, not just the racing, but the pure enjoyment of riding a bicycle off-road, than anyone I’m met.

Mac became editor of MTB Action years ago. The equipment changed and Mac went with it. He once told me that he thought the main reason that racing MTB isn’t so popular now is because the bikes that are fun to ride, the big movement front and rear, aren’t the bikes that you race. It made total sense.

Last week, Mac put in his resignation to MTB Action. I saw this on Facebook – End of an era for me. I’m leaving Mountain Bike Action. The publisher is expanding the magazine’s coverage to motorized mountain bikes and I just can’t go along with his logic. Mountain biking is a human-powered activity. No hard feelings. It has been a great ride. I’m going out on good terms. Gail and I are going to load up Big Red and hit the road in August. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, watch out!

So the guy goes and quits a job, he loves, for principles. And Mac is a motorcycle guy. But he doesn’t think that motorized mountain bikes belong in a bicycle magazine. He deserves to be in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame just for that!!! He has 165 comments under his post, which goes to show how much he means to many of us.

Like I’ve said above, Jimmy Mac has been a part of the MTB scene nearly since it started. He has supported the sport, through his writing, and his lifestyle for over 30 years. He deserves to be in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame more than nearly anyone I know. So, if you are a voting member, click here to vote. If you’re not and just like Mac so much, join the MTB Hall of Fame and cast a vote. They moved it to Marin County and could use some support.

Anyway, Mac is one of the good guys. He has supported MTB riding and racing through thick and thin. Voting for him is a no-brainer.

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15 thoughts on “Jimmy (Mac) McIlvain

  1. jim sully

    Agreed JM is well deserved of being inducted into mbhof, no question whatsoever.
    I’m crackin up on the resignation stance somewhat.
    MB’s these days have moto brakes,moto suspension,moto helmets,moto clothing,MBA is owned x moto x action(if memory serves)…seems appropo that the bikes nowadays slide even further down the moto- evo curve + slap a motor onto the damn thing…
    Please ignore the musings of this old grouch….Best thoughts on your health recovery Steve,
    That is All.

  2. Francisco Mancebo

    MBA jumped the shark 20 years ago, just sayin’. Glad to see some integrity. Jimmy Mac is awesome and always has been, can’t say the same about Jody at the sister pub, Motocross Action – the term “douche” was invented to describe him

  3. William Stevenson

    I have always enjoyed his columns. Like Steve his love for the sport always shines through. MBA as a mag, however, comes across largely as a trend whore for the big bike companies.

    Refreshing to see someone stand up for

  4. channel_zero

    Apparently this means Mountain Bike Distraction will be promoting “mountain biking” with electric motors.

    CORBA better get ahead of this. I feel sorry for land managers who will now be given much more ammunition to close trails to bicyclists.

  5. RadRenner

    I’m not very familiar with Jimmy McIlvain or MBA, but I applaud him for his conviction. So-called “E-bikes” aren’t bicycles, they’re electric mopeds. Jimmy Mac is entirely right when he says that a bicycle is a human-powered vehicle – anything else isn’t a bike and shouldn’t pretend to be. While attending Specialized’s SBCU a few months ago, we were asked to provide our feedback and opinion on the Specialized Turbo (their $10,000 electric moped). I didn’t even want to ride it, but did at their insistence. “How’d you like it?!”, they asked me enthusiastically. “I didn’t”, I replied. I’ve had a few arguments with people (cyclist and others) about “e-bikes” and I think it’s only going to get worse as prices come down and gas goes up. But first and foremost it should be stated unequivocally that these things ARE NOT bicycles; they’re electric motorcycles, a powered vehicle, and should therefore be treated like one. And don’t let me catch you riding one of these things in the bike lane.

  6. Bolas Azules

    Funny to see the E-bike companies (the very new kids on the block) in Bicycle Retialer trying to trash a long standing good guy. Screw them and their little electric mopeds. Jimmy Mac is above this crap!

  7. channel_zero

    Specialized Turbo (their $10,000 electric moped).

    No wonder Merida loves the monopolist running Specialized. When he’s not crushing small competitors with patent litigation he has the nuts to sell a $10,000 electric motorcycle.

    I guess there are plenty of idiots for Merida’s product.

  8. le heckleur

    Fuck the e-bikes, they all suck! No enthusiast shop is going to carry them. If you anyone is going to sell them it needs to be a dedicated dealer, just like with recumbents and other garbage like that.

  9. Mike Rodose

    Pedego’s comment is arrogant.

    They are an arrogant company and don’t mesh well with cycling. High-end hipster horseshit. Fake hippies.

  10. Nate Smith

    Good to see there are so many opened minded people on this thread. Apparently misinformation abounds by those who’ve failed to do their homework. I would agree the Specialized Turbo is more a motorcycle than a bicycle but there are many true electric assist bicycles out there.

    I am a purist, bike racer, and have been for over 30 years, though not so arrogant to discount ebikes w/o trying them first or taking the low road to dissing’ an activity that give’s folks they feeling of freedom first experienced with that first bike ride.

    Many enthusiast shops are embracing ebikes because they realize their customers are aging, and want to continue riding a bike, and ebikes (true electric assist bicycles) allow that, or its just badass fun. Hey, there will be plenty of people that may not want to ride an ebike, but I have yet to find anyone who can honestly say once riding a real electric assist bike, and I’m not talking about the Specialized Turbo which I don’t classify as a true electric bicycle, but more of a motorcycle as anyone can ride this bike soft pedaling at 28mph, that it is not a bike.

    Hey, if you’re tired of getting passed by ebikes, just pedal harder, or get some good motorpacing in!

    Yes, we can all get along.


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