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Since yesterday was a rest day in the Tour, the morning was clear to do whatever. I got a late start and didn’t head out to ride until after 11 am. I have the go ahead, sort of, from a person that has a Dr. before their name or MD after, to go ahead and ride as hard as I want, regardless of pain. So, I did that for an hour yesterday, and the pain wasn’t “regardless”. I rode with Bill and Vincent over to Golden, got some coffee, and then back. They pussed of out and didn’t ride much further.

I had to hightail it back to drive to Fort Collins to see Trent Newcomer, DVM, who happens to ride on our team. Bromont has been a little down and out for a little while and I was just getting worried. Man, the traffic on I-25 from Denver to Ft. Collins is insane. More insane the way back. I got there just in time for my appointment.

Trent rode the Silver Rush last Saturday and qualified for Leadville. We talked a little about the race and then he did a super checkup. He said that he thought that Bromont had some arthritis in back by his tail, plus some in the hips. A few other things, but the arthritis was the big thing. Trent knew of a study that a drug company is doing on it, so I enrolled him in the study. He had x-rays and is going to get some blood tests, etc. It means that I have to drive back out here the middle of next week, the two weeks later and a week after that again. That is a lot of driving, 8 hours each way, but I doubt I’m going to be putting in huge miles by then and I love Bromont to death, so I don’t mind at all. And, there are worse places to hang out that Colorado in August.

I stopped at an Apple Store on the way back to Arvada. My phone’s battery has been draining super fast. The said my battery was dead and charged me $75 to replace it. I didn’t know if that seemed fair or not at the time. I know it doesn’t now because the battery is still draining crazy fast. It was after I did the software update last week. I thought it was because I was up in Vail and Leadville and my battery was draining because it was searching for cell service, but no. If anyone has any ideas out there, feel free to let me know.

I have to admit that my hip isn’t much sorer than when I just try to pedal 80% with my right leg and 20% with the left. It does stiffen up a ton when I sit, even just for a bit. I think I’ll be able to ride a lot more pretty soon, but like I’ve posted here before, I have pretty much given up an optimistic time frame.

Bromont pretty much hates all vet offices.

Bromont pretty much hates all vet offices.

Trent explaining Bromont's hip issues.

Trent explaining Bromont’s hip issues.

Trent took Bromont outside and watched his gait.

Trent took Bromont outside and watched his gait.

15 thoughts on “Tour Rest Day Catch Up Stuff

  1. Kevin

    Your battery is draining fast because the bluetooth is turned on. Every time apple has a software update it turns the bluetooth on. The bluetooth option is in the settings.

    That will solve the battery drain.


  2. Kb

    Which phone do you have? Iphone4 will burn battery when running newer software. If iphone5 check that 3D on the home screen and other battery burning cosmetic effects are turned off. Good luck.

  3. Ron

    Couple things you may already know about – in Settings>General check Background App Refresh, if it is turned on, make sure its only on for the apps you want it to be. If you’re not concerned with an app refreshing itself when you’re not using it turn this setting off. The other simple one is making sure you close apps when you’re done using them. Double click the home button and swipe up each app that you want to close. Hope this helps. I have an iphone 4 and ever since iOS 7 came out any mapping or weather app drains my battery.

  4. Kevin

    Ok. Couple other things that will suck power. Check your brightness setting under wallpapers & brightness. The higher the brightness the more battery it will eat.

    Also, check for running applications, especially if they use location finding another battery sucker. You can also tell if something is using it because there will be an solid arrow next to the battery level on your screen. Double tap your home button and swipe all your running programs up to turn them off.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Steve Tilford Post author

    Kevin/Ron-I have a iPhone 5. I’ve done all you suggest. Last night I put it on airplane mode, with all apps close d and it drained the complete battery by this morning. Pretty strange.

  6. thom leonard

    Steve — in settings/general/auto-lock check anything except “never,” which has been the default after the last two times I’ve updated the OS on my iPhone 5. that solved my battery drain issue after the most recent updates.

  7. euro

    If you didn’t have a stupid iPhone you could simply buy a new battery on ebay for $10 and everything would be fine.

    Which doctor would clear you to ride as hard as you want this early in your recovery period? Dr Oz? Dr Phil? Do you even know his qualifications??

  8. Ryan

    Hey Steve, if you ever need to change the battery again (not that this solved the problem), just check youtube on how to do it. It’s at most a 10 minute job and is super easy. It’s basically as easy as removing a handful of screws, unplugging the old battery, plugging in the new one, and putting the screws back in. The batteries are available all over the place (ebay, amazon, etc.) for $10 or less. You’re obviously handy enough to be able to handle the replacement yourself. As for why it’s still eating through battery, I couldn’t tell you. Good luck!

  9. The Cyclist

    It’s the apple eating worm. Get rid of the iPhone, sell the stock and buy a new shiny reliable paranoid android. This will solve all your problems. 😉

  10. Kate in Kent, England

    Please keep us informed of Bromont’s progress. It is good to hear that vets in the US are investing time in trying to find new treatments for arthritis. My very best wishes to you both.


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