Gert Steegmans Pissed, Team “Flicked” Him

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Gert Steegmans was pissed after the finish of the Belgium National Road Championships last weekend. He was off the front by nearly 30 seconds, in a 8 man break, with one team mate, when his team, Omega Pharma Quick Step, puts the rest of team on the front to chase the break down. Man, for a team like Omega Pharma, that usually rides like a Swiss watch in situations like this, to screw up the end of a race, especially Belgium Nationals, is pretty crazy. Boonen first complained about the leadout being on the wrong side of the road, then said something that doesn’t make any sense –“It was the plan [to allow Steegmans to plays his cards]. We protected the break until we suddenly started to ride. Of course I am disappointed, especially by the way we lost. Amateurism doesn’t belong to the championships.”

I guess Steegmans’ cards only get played until 500 meters to go. Hopefully the Belgium soccer team will use some of Omega’s playbook today against USA.

Here is the end of the race, in Flemish.

National Championships Belgium – Road Race HD… by CyclingHub

4 thoughts on “Gert Steegmans Pissed, Team “Flicked” Him

  1. phil

    Lotto had 3 guys in that break. I don’t blame OPQS for chasing it down. Steegmans is hardly a sure bet in an 8 rider sprint anyway.

  2. Wildcat

    No Steve and no Tilford make me something something.

    Go crazy?


  3. Bill V.

    It seems that more often than not Quick Step fumbles the Belgian Championships. Unless Boonen is on great form that team seems to flail at the event. I was disappointed to not see Devolder back in the mix to defend his title. I’m wondering if his crash and having to sit out of Paris-Roubaix screwed with his head. He seems to be a rider with a somewhat unstable psyche. Last season and this spring he was hungry and rode like he had something to prove. His win in the Belgian championships was a beautiful example of patience and great tactics. I wonder if he just likes showing up Lefevre’s team from time to time too just to stick it to them. Hopefully he’s back in the mix and riding well this fall.

    Who knows the story behind Gert’s relationship with his teammates and directors? Gert is an interesting person in that his only consistent success has been while riding for one of Lefevre’s teams. His foray into Radioshack and Katusha teams didn’t go so well. I’m curious to see how the rest of his career plays out. Seems like another rider who has the physical tools and promise but maybe he’s fragile or too stubborn mentally to get out of his own way.


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