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I had kind of a bad night last night, not much sleep, so here are just a couple pictures and thoughts. Just pulling into Madison. Looking forward to trying to get some sleep.

Trudi loaded the car while I tried to sleep this morning. She didn’t fit her bike inside.

20140630-123442.jpgEven so, Bromont didn’t get much room.

20140630-123648.jpgI listened to the BBC from 2am to 7. Lots of stories about this boat of refugees. They are 650 people on it, with 30 reported asphyxiated in the hull. I nearly cried listening to the accounts.

20140630-124150.jpgOn a brighter note, I took a picture of a bumblebee yesterday. I like them. They look too big to fly.

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  1. Bob

    You could have pulled a Mitt Romney move and put Bromont in a cage on the roof, with the bike inside the car. But I’m glad to see you’ve got your priorities straight.


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