First Ride/Bromont’s Real Birthday/Eli (Michael’s dog) RIP

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Sort of short of time and my thoughts are all over the place. First, Michael (Fatka) just called and said that Eli, his dog, is no longer around. He was 15 years old and had an extraordinary good life, living out in the country and travelling all over the country. But, that doesn’t make Michael morn less. We all feel the same when our friends go. So many the last couple years. Hopefully, they are all hangin’ out together in doggie heaven.

On a more positive note, I rode outside for the first time yesterday. I was itching to get outside and was super tired of sweating to death on an ergometer, so I just did it. I loosened up my pedal, so I could upclip, and just went. I ended up doing 17 miles. It was pitiful. It was probably too far. I’m a little hurt today, but that is how it is going to be. Hills are nearly as bad on a bike as the handcycle. I was riding my MTB because the upright position seems to be better for my hip angle. My knee is the worst today. I’ve been sent a bunch of emails about how bad the knee gets after this. I didn’t think I had a problem, but now realize I do. Anyway, it is just shy of one month since surgery, so I can’t really complain too much.

Today, the vet called and left a message wishing Bromont a happy birthday. We celebrated that a couple weeks ago. But, no, it is today. Trudi made Bromont a birthday cake and he loves it. He doesn’t mind if we celebrate his birthday every week I assume.

We’re driving up to Chicago for in a couple days for Trudi’s mom’s 80th birthday celebration, which will be great, but I have a ton of stuff to do before then, and I move pretty, really slow, so it takes awhile.

A Michael Fatka sighting out of the state of Iowa.  Eli and Bromont accompaning.

A Michael Fatka sighting out of the state of Iowa. Eli and Bromont accompaning.

This is Michael, with Eli and Bromont back at cyclocross Nationals in Kansas City.

Bromont's birthday cake.

Bromont’s birthday cake.


Trying to get my foot into the pedal.  And yes, I'm pretty fat.

Trying to get my foot into the pedal. And yes, I’m pretty fat.

13 thoughts on “First Ride/Bromont’s Real Birthday/Eli (Michael’s dog) RIP

  1. peter k

    FAT?! not likely. I remember when Connie Carpenter retired from bicycle racing as a profession. After 6 months she almost looked human again. No you are just looking better instead of burning those 6000+ cals a day. Day in and day out. Keep up the great recovery effort. You’ll be back racing and winning before you know it…

  2. Rob Bell

    Are those 600mm wide handlebars? What are your thoughts on the wide-bar trend in mountain biking right now? It seems like hardly anyone in my area is riding bars that narrow, but I’m not sure I really understand the benefit of wide bars. It seems like another fad to me.

  3. Francisco Mancebo

    Duuuude, those are some narrow bars. If you’re going to do the TSEpic next year that will never work in the rocks. Consider a thru-axle fork, too.

  4. Ron

    NOTHING wrong with those bars! 🙂 Wide bars just exaggerate steering inputs imo. Those bar ends make the leverage argument a moot point.

  5. John

    I think it’s funny that someone would critique what kind of mountain bike equipment Steve uses.

    That’s like critiquing Walter Payton’s cleats.

  6. Ken

    Fat? Fat? I wish I were so fat! Wishing you a great recovery – But don’t push it toward any undue risks!

  7. JDub

    If you’re in Chicago, then slide up to Wisconsin and poke your head around the Tour of America’s Dairyland. Running all week. Folks would love to see ‘ya.

  8. ScottR

    The ITU circuit visits Chicago this weekend for the only stop in the States. You’re friend Gwen Jorgensen will be toeing the line on Sat afternoon right on the lakefront if you’re looking to kill a few hours.

  9. Calvin Jones

    Below your right hand, leaning against the bed of the truck. A cane? A walking cane? Yours?


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