Bruyneel, Mati, and Celaya all Suspended

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Under Article 2.1 of the 2009 version of the WADA Code, with the presence of aggravating circumstances. Therefore, the Panel imposes a period of ineligibility for each Respondent as follows:

(i) Mr. Johann Bruyneel: 10 years, starting from June 12, 2012 and continuing through and including June 11, 2022;

(ii) Dr. Pedro Celaya: 8 years, starting from June 12, 2012 and continuing through and including June 11, 2020; and

(iii) Mr. José Martí Martí: 8 years, starting from June 12, 2012 and continuing through and including June 11, 2020

You can read the whole reasoned decision here. I read it. Nothing much new there. The arbitrators couldn’t use testimony from before June 12, 2004, due to the statute of limitations. But, I guess they had plenty to find them guilty of doping infractions. You can read the whole reasoned decision here.

Johan responded on his blog – “Did the US Postal team really operate ‘the most sophisticated, professional and successful doping program that sport has ever seen?’ This headline-grabber has helped create a staggering industry of books and movies, but reveals only USADA’s talent for self-aggrandizement. The reality is very different. In due course, I will take the time to give a full account of events within my knowledge. In the meantime I would ask you to treat USADA’s partial and self-serving narrative of events with considerable circumspection.”

Seems to me he has “the time” just about now to give his full account of the events. But, I’d bet he would want to add to that “staggering industry” to monopolize on all his “knowledge”.

lanceandjohan Johan may be suspended from the sport, but you can’t take away his memories.

28 thoughts on “Bruyneel, Mati, and Celaya all Suspended

  1. scott

    Think Bruyneel actually came up with that comment? Anyway, the only thing I agree with is the sense that he (and Armstrong) are justly punished but nearly everyone else, domestically, has taken a walk. The others should have had some real consequences as well.

  2. Brent Findlay

    I’m still stunned that Chris Carmichael’s name rarely comes up. I’m even more stunned that he’s remained relatively unscathed by this whole clusterf@$%.

  3. Jeff M

    Johan’s statement on his blog sounds an awful lot like a carefully crafted response by legal counsel to me. It’s the same tactics they’ve employed since the beginning of doping accusations. They make themselves the victim and say that others had much more to gain in accusing. I’m sick and tired of these douchebags. Once they are caught they whine and say how unfair they are being treated and the real truth will come out later. Real truth? What? That they cheated their asses off and told bold face lies?

  4. mark

    Bruyneel will retire a happy man. Carmichael was just a guest of honor at a Gran Fondo, along with 3 other admitted dopers. Guys are suspended for doping and still making appearance fees. Classic.

  5. JR

    Just to add a little brevity to this discussion: Steve’s use of “statue” reminds me of the Seinfeld bit:

    Kramer: It’s statue
    Jerry: No, I think it’s statute
    Kramer: I really think you’re wrong

  6. Go Blackhawks

    I agree, Jeff. They keep playing the tired victim card. Its wrong. It wasn’t that long ago Bruyneel was pretty matter of fact that his future in cycling being over. In the blog piece, the ending paragraph noted something about mulling over (Bruyneel’s) next steps. Bruyneel may want to get his lawyers on the same page, correct the “X” time TdF champion brand on his website and sail off into the sunset. Bye.

  7. Brian

    I agree with Scott in that there are too many others who walk away rich, famous and free from their doping days. Guys like Hincapie, Leipheimer, Hamilton, and so many others were no better or worse than Armstrong and Bruyneel. In fact, most US riders who rode in Europe came through the US Postal system and therefore were right alongside Armstrong and Bruyneel. All of these guys were made rich by their doping. They say Armstrong was worth $125 million and even if he loses every lawsuit he is forced to answer to, he will remain rich. The truth for all these guys is that they would not have had the success without the drugs. Period. Clean riders everywhere and fans all over the globe were scammed and screwed and it hasn’t stopped yet. .

    The “industry” Bruyneel whines about being created by the doping sagas? The real truth is that the success of his team, his riders, and most of all, his marquee rider, Armstrong sold millions of bikes and bike products here in the U.S. and abroad. Not only that, millions of phony training programs, phony nutritional products, and phony dreams were sold to countless amateur racers and recreational riders across the globe who believed that if they trained like U.S. Postal and Armstrong, and used the same bikes and other endorsed products could make it to the top and win. Nothing could have been further from the truth. In those days, you could not make it to the top without drugs. But, they all lied to all of us about how they did it clean and sold their endorsed products and cashed their checks anyway. As for just a few examples, where would Trek, Oakley, Nike, Carmichael Training Systems, Hincapie Sportswear, Levi’s Gran Fondos, etc. etc. be without the success of Armstrong, Bruyneel and the rest of the U.S. doping elite? The entire modern day bicycle industry along with ancillary industries made billions based on the success of those drug fueled riders. That’s a very sad truth for anyone other than those who profited. Let’s face it- we were all conned big time and what’s worse is that most of these guys are still profiting from their doped days. Look at Levi’s Gran Fondos and multiply the number of riders by the amount of the entry fee and you’ll get an eye opener. How about Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen and Bob Roll telling us year after year how clean Armstrong and the American riders were and how the dirty the European riders were? That was a total con or total and blind ignorance on their part. They also profited big time along with their TV network and publisher employers. Bruyneel shouldn’t make comments about industries profiting from the doping fallout. He needs to keep his mouth shut unless he wants to tell everyone the complete truth.

    Ask any amateur rider how he or she feels about being being beaten by doped riders. Ask an aspiring rider who struggles and sweats for years on his or her way to the big time only to find a “pharmaceutical ceiling” in place how they feel about it all. Ask the guys that competed clean against Armstrong, Bruyneel, Leipheimer, Hincapie and their cronies domestically how they feel about it all. The truth is that they never had a chance. As an exercise, go back and look at a list of U.S. National champions in the road race, criterium and time trial disciplines from the modern era.

    Bruyneel and Armstrong deserve all the ill will thrown their way. But, all of the other juiced American riders deserve the exact same treatment. If they’re smart, they’ll keep their mouth shut, stay out of the spotlight and try to keep their net worth out of the public domain. They all claim they needed to dope in order to compete and win. If that was the case, then they shouldn’t have told us all otherwise. They all lied to us and we were all conned. They all deserve to be punished equally… but they never will.

    An exception to all of this is the good that Armstrong and his success did for the cancer industry; at least for a time. That should not be ignored. His bad deeds have now overshadowed his good deeds, but the truth is the man helped alot of people stricken by cancer.

    End of story.

  8. Francisco Mancebo

    Och, Weasel and Carmichael will get theirs, do not worry. I am working on something as we speak

  9. Ramona

    Some lawyer penned that BS for Johan. Only 10 years? Johan will come “out” with his own ridiculous bio full of twists and spin, and written by a ghost. He’s a greedy man who happily lived off the Golden Goose. Perhaps he can see how foolish he looks and sounds, holding onto his “facts.”

    Do us all a favor Johan, go away. You’re as a big a fraud as Lance.

    The wind is gusting around the house of cards…


  10. Bryan

    I saw an article headline relating to this at my Yahoo news feed. When you clicked on it, you were directed to a page telling you that you had insufficient privileges to view that page. Wow, I didn’t realize all those guilty parties had enough clout to restrict Yahoo from showing news against them…

  11. donkybhoy

    I agree with a lot of it, but the cancer bit not so much. Armstrong used his cancer as a shield. All livestrong was about was awareness through Armstrong and i would argue that cancer is a pretty common knowledge disease. The money could’ve be used in much better ways like research rather than funding a private jet that i have no doubt was used to move money offshore……..

    Livestrong = not good.

  12. Bill K

    I’m waiting for the ban on Bjarne.

    I’ll probably be waiting for a real long time.

  13. mike crum

    from a lot i been reading, enhancing drugs are all over the high schools, and of course college and pros.. all pro sports. i guess if you wanna go watch sports in pure form, go watch 8th grade on down.. sad, but thats reality.. current cycling clean??? or getting cleaner??? who they fooling???

  14. Bee-an-key

    Can’t believe it is only 10 years. 10 years and 1 day for now he will be back working with Juniors, have some big sponsor $ behind him and be driving in a Spanish or Belgian team car. Ten years is enough time that people will forget the bad old days. If the UCI does not do things to keep these guys out for good it will be just like Michael Vick and all the other degenerates that teams always pick up after the controversy so they can WIN. Need to keep the generation away from the future athletes.

  15. Brian

    Sorry, “cancer industry” was the wrong choice of words on my part. I should have written “cancer community”. If you go through my post, there’s a couple of other small mistakes, too. Since you were sharp enough to find and correct my mistake, I’m hoping you were sharp enough to grasp the main thoughts and ideas of the post. And yes, I do realize that the post was a little off topic, but still related and still relevant.

    As for donkybhoy’s comments about the cancer bit- I can appreciate the sentiments, but I was writing from personal experience with a family member who had terminal cancer during that time period.

  16. The Cyclist

    What a great idea! Instead of suspenson they should all have their memories erased. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind all the way back to the first ride. They won’t even know how to ride their bikes anymore. The ultimate penalty. However “self-aggrandizement” is a very interesting word. Is that what doping does to dopers? Pretty much so apparently…

  17. Dog

    When CN asked Och about Johan, he first threatened to withhold access to BMC simply because they reported that Alessandro Ballan had been fired over his 2-year doping ban. THEN he proceeded to give CN the “no comment” on Johan.

    Och is one of the early “problem guys” in coaching and management. No wonder I was so upset when Davis and Connie handed over their son to this man.

    And shame on the guys who have “come clean” that have failed to mention the role that Och played in their misdeeds.

  18. Dog

    Hey bud, if you don’t think Lance should’ve helped raise millions in support of making people aware of cancer, the you must be a cancer-lover.

    I mean, how would people otherwise know that there is this terrible disease called cancer, that kills many members of their own families? Are you gonna tell them? Me?

  19. channel_zero

    Well, Carmichael’s doping kids was way before WADA. Unless Carmichael was busy doping athletes after WADA was created AND he agreed to operate under WADA’s rules, he’s free to sell books and ‘coach.’

    The others that have gotten off easy are Thom Wiesel, Steve Johnson, Bart Knaggs, Armstrong’s lawyer, and more Tailwind cohorts.

    The worst part is Thom and Steve’s long history of enabling doping and USOC, IOC simply don’t care. That should tell the casual reader all you need to know about the IOC’s attitudes about doping.

  20. Dog

    And Och’s threat is straight out of Lance’s usual playbook. Or was it that Lance’s threats were straight out of OCH’s playbook?


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