Like a Chicken With My Head Cut Off

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I remember reading somewhere about why Lance said he decided to come back to racing. It was something like the life of a cyclist is very regimented and the normal life distractions seem less important when you’re 100% committed to the bike. I obviously disagree with some of Lance’s views, but this one I have to agree with.

When I’m on the road, life usually seems relatively simple. Living out of one bag (two, in my case) and only having Bromont as a present responsibility, feels freeing.

The last few days, that hasn’t been the case. I’ve been trying to round up the last few parts to finally get the new Eriksen together. Scrambling to try to get on a team of Redlands, plus trying to put some fires out back home.

I received a code services notice for the Isuzu, which I parked behind the building. Plus another one for the vacant land I own in Central Topeka. I guess someone has used it as their personal trash dump once again and the city doesn’t like that much.

A friend, Phil Gronniger, originally for KC, now from Denver, is in town on vacation. He’s riding down from Carlbad to La Jolla to meet me right now. It is raining here in San Diego. Phil is planning on doing 4-5 hours today. If I don’t hear back from anyone about racing tomorrow before Phil arrives, I’m just going to suit up and ride with Phil and forget about Redlands. It was only for training, and I’m doing a pretty good job at training already, so no big loss.

I really don’t feel like riding 5 hours in the rain, but after I get a cup of coffee in me and suited up, I’ll be good. It is nice to ride with old friends in new places. I look forward to showing him some of the cool roads I’ve found out here. It’s not all about racing always.


5 thoughts on “Like a Chicken With My Head Cut Off

  1. Calvin Jones

    How can this article have failed to mention Mike? You know, Mike, the Headless Chicken, like, from Fruita, CO.

    Someone html competent, please, an image of Mike if you will.

  2. Bill K

    Your mention of a five hour rainy training ride reminds me of a piece that one of my ex-teammates wrote about Climbing the Category Ladder….He wrote.
    “A moderately-successful Category 3
    rider should carefully consider the jump to the 1/2’s
    if he/she doesn’t have the time to commit to training
    due to other priorities that might provide much more
    comfort and satisfaction in life than doing a 4-hour
    tempo ride in the rain!”

  3. Francisco Mancebo

    The Emir would like contact info for that chicken, he wants to buy it – just like what happened to me

    Let me know what parts you need for the bike, I’m pretty sure that I can arrange for a bikepacking hippie to deliver them to you in California


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