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I got behind this morning. Vincent flew in, so I went to the airport and picked him up. We took the dogs walking on the way back to La Jolla and Vincent is now putting his bike together. The up and back trip to LA to get parts for my new bike was good, but I hate driving in LA. I haven’t had a chance to put it together. I’m actually missing a Di2 internal battery. Supposedly Shimano is getting some more at their East coast warehouse on Thursday. I’m hoping to find one to borrow around here today or tomorrow.

Okay, I don’t want to waste time on the computer when Vincent came out here to ride, so that’s it for now.

Vincent, putting together his Eriksen.  (He bought it Ted.)

Vincent, putting together his Eriksen. (He bought it Ted.)

5 thoughts on “Behind

  1. Francisco Mancebo

    The emir here in Dubai has your little battery, I can bring it to you but you have to help me escape

  2. Francisco Mancebo

    Help me, they are going to make me “skydive” tomorrow for some PR junket. I wonder about the drunk that packs the chutes. I get the feeling that the lowliest house servant in Abu Dubai is more valuable than a bike racer

  3. Mohammed bin Rashid

    That is correct. You have great observation powers, Paco. My honest suggestíon to you would be that you grow some wings and get them properly connected to your legs to maximize the power output.

  4. Francisco Mancebo

    I don’t know if I can do it without some “special” help. Does someone have current contact info for Joe Papp or Rick Crawford?


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