Ned Wins Fat Tire Birkie / National Championship!!!

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Ned Overend just smeared all those guys racing up in Cable this morning. I talked to him for a while on Thursday while he was doing the drive from the MSP airport to Cable. He was hoping to just be in the mix. I told him I couldn’t see most those guys having great form, since they are all from Northern climates. There was a rumor that Jerimiah Bishop and a couple other guys were showing up, but I guess not. Ned told me it has been super warm in Durango, in the 50’s and dry. He was worried about not riding in the snow much. Guess that was wasted worry.

So wow, Ned has done it again, won an inaugural event! He did this a few times now, starting with winning the 1st UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Durango, 1990. He’s been winter triathlon champion, Master’s World Cyclocross Champion, Xterra World Champhion, etc. etc. Pretty good stuff.


4 thoughts on “Ned Wins Fat Tire Birkie / National Championship!!!

  1. Mark

    Kent should have at least loaned you a bike for this race, how many times have you raced that place. Why werent you in it ?

  2. Steve Tilford Post author

    Mark-Yeah, now that it’s over, I wish I would have put the energy in and done the race. But, I was in Texas last weekend and that would have been nearly a 1500 mile transfer. Ned told me he shipped his bike to New Moon and it took two complete bike boxes.

    Plus, I hadn’t ever even ridden a Fat Bike on the snow. I hadn’t paid any dues, had no idea of tires, tire pressure, etc.

    All that being said, if you don’t start the race, you don’t get a result. That is a fact.

  3. Don Hobbs

    Amazing. I raced against Ned as Cat 3 Road in 1982 (along with his Durango buddy Hal McLean). We both moved up to Cat 2 that year but he went on to great things including riding Coors Classic the very next year while I moved to race organizing where my skill set was stronger. Since then, Ned the “Human Cardio Machine” has proven over and over that he is the ultimate freak of nature. He must be upper 50s and he’s still rockin’ the house. You’re no slouch either Steve…..


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