“Right, that was that era, we can now put that to bed……….” Chris Froome

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There are a few articles on the internet where Chris Froome, current Tour de France defending champion, is quoted as saying that he supports the CIRC (Cycling Independent Reform Commission) investigation and “hopes” that it will put an end to the questions. His quote is actually, “I am hoping that at the end of the day people will be able to say of it, ‘Right, that was that era, we can now put that to bed and stop asking questions about it.”

Chris seems to just have taken over the same stance as his previous Tour team mate, Bradley Wiggins when he “hopes” that people will stop asking him questions. But, why should he hope this, or better yet, expect it?

Last year, Wiggins himself, says that he is positive that Lance was doping when he “returned” to the sport in 2009. But, say that 2009 really wasn’t part of that “era”. I don’t know how far that they both want us to go back to include the era, but let us just say the last year Lance won the Tour, 2005.

I wonder if they both realize that every Tour de France winner, other than Chris Froome, was racing back then. This includes Bradley. So, they were definitely participating in that era of racing.

There is an article at Velonews.com on Chris’ hopes, then right under it there is another article saying how Chris’ competition for the Criterium du Dauphine will include Alberto Contador.

I wonder if Chris remembers how Alberto couldn’t get a contract, after turning Pro in 2004, riding with ONCE/Liberty Seguros, because he was implicated in Operation Puerto. Then, Discovery stepped up and in January 2007, signed him to a contract and he went on to win the Tour de France. Alberto has since had to sit out two years for doping violations.

Chris must consider Alberto part of the previous “era”. He really must understand that, if we use 2005 as the “end” of the era, then most of the guys that win races in cycling were participating in the sport then. Most major Tours and nearly every classic now, curently, are being contested, and won, by riders that were winning those very same races during the dark “era”.

And Chris must of missed the loads of other guys that have been caught doping the last couple years in the sport. And these were just the very, very small percentage of guys that were actually caught.

So, Chris expects that this new investigation will lay this all to bed and “hopes” that the inquiry convinces us all that the sport is now clean and believable?

They need to get off this “past era” deal. If Chris wants us to “believe” in the sport again, then as a Tour winner, I would expect him to say things that make some sort of sense and seem believable. What he is saying is just a bunch of malarkey.

Alberto and Lance climbing the Ventoux.  Alberto looks pretty stressed, huh?

Alberto and Lance climbing the Ventoux. Alberto looks pretty stressed, huh?

Here is Bradley and Lance, plus David Millar, having a tough time climbing in the Tour.

Here is Bradley and Lance, plus David Millar, having a tough time climbing in the Tour.

16 thoughts on ““Right, that was that era, we can now put that to bed……….” Chris Froome

  1. Alan Feldman

    Not defending him but I believe Lance when he said every tour rider was doping. It was part of the culture.

  2. mark

    Froome & the rest expects us to believe the pervasive drug culture from top to bottom was dismantled, by what ? Lance getting caught ? PAH-LEASE !

    I think Froome has been sniffing too much Xenon Gas

  3. donkybhoy

    As Mark says, the doping culture still prevails. BioPassport makes it easier to dope, not to the’90s levels but it help teams regulate doping programs, according to Bernhard Kohl.

    Steve, what about BMC, run by Och with Dr Max Testa, there’s a dirty combination is ever there was?

  4. The Cyclist

    I think that Froome looks like a broom… stick and thus must be genetically modifed with Kenyan runner genes, or similar. Anyway, what a CIRCus this is…

  5. Larry T.

    Doesn’t EVERY guy say the same old crap? It’s always “I’m clean and the doping was in the past” despite performances that seem sketchy at best based on what has come out about the cheaters. They want the respect (and the big paycheck) that comes with the idea that pro cycling is no longer down there with pro wrestling. The guys who claim their results “will stand the test of time” seem to be saying “what I’m using is not currently on the banned list, so even if it’s discovered and banned later, I’ll be in the clear.” The new UCI boss (so far) seems truly interested in cleaning things up – but can he?

  6. Nancy

    Contrary to the other teams such as Sky and Garmin, the BMC guys learned how to give interviews. Easier way is to don’t talk (lie) about doping and you won’t look ridiculous later.

  7. Skippy

    I am sure that UCI could have found better uses for the CHF3mil ( better spent on the Ladies races ?) that they are THROWING AWAY on the BS exercise called ..? ..CIRC ? Could turn up/over a few stones , but , because it is supposedly about the last decade & half , it will not get to the root of the problem.

    Since the ” Festina Affair ” , each team goes to the ProWorld Events with their own ” Doc ” ! Guess those Guys are there to sort out toothache & sore butts ? Each Tour Event should have a ” Medical Staff ” available 24/7 , some of whom appear to be asleep in the chase cars until required . If the teams have to contribute their Personnel Records at Sign on of the Event , it will only be ADDING a few pertinent details , to the info already available ?

    Paris-Nice & Tirreno-Adriatico start in the next days and in past years i have been champing at the bit, to be at their start , but this season after 2 months of riding the wintery roads of Austria , virtually daily , i am wondering if the TV is going to be a better way to see the action ? So many of the Team managements have retired racers , with questionable backgrounds , that it would be foolish to think that they are there without an agenda ?

  8. donkybhoy

    Steve has been open and honest in his criticism of his chosen sport, which goes against the grain of the majority in this sport. So in a way he has been biting the hand….for all his life.

  9. Touriste-Routier

    UCI races do have race doctors; it is part of the requirements to get the sanction. However:

    1) Not all teams stay in the same hotel, so access during periods outside the actual races can be problematic
    2) Just like you probably prefer to see your own doctor when you have an issue (as opposed to seeing someone random), so do guys with pro licenses.

    Sure, these doctors can be monitoring illegal practices, but teams having their own doctors is not inherently a bad thing.

  10. dez

    BMC unlike Sky is full of dopers, but they still have hypocrites like Phinney on their team, why doesn’t he say something about Testa, you don’t see Tilford taking Phinney on, instead he has a stab at a clean rider like Froome, must be an american thing


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