Heading to Texas

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I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to head down to Austin for a little bit. I officially entered the US Cup MTB race on Saturday. And if I have anything left after that, I’ll race the Lago Vista Road Race on Sunday.

I haven’t raced a sanctioned MTB race in years. So many years that I don’t have a result shown at my USAC results page.

I decided last year I was going to switch it up a little this season and reconnect with aspects of the sport that I’ve either ignored or just not been able to participate in, for various reasons.

Plus, the winter returned to Topeka yesterday. I rode 30 miles yesterday in the teens. There are two local races in Kansas this weekend, but the highs both days are supposed to be 16 degrees. That is approaching too cold to road race.

On the other end of the spectrum, I see the high in Austin on Saturday is predicted to be 80 degrees now. I’m thinking that is going to be pretty hot, for me, racing off-road.

I feel like I’m pretty removed from the MTB scene. These races are all UCI, so they adhere to the UCI rules. Start order, short lap, equipment pits, etc. In theory I don’t like a lot of it, but I’m going to try to keep an open mind.

My MTB bike is archaic. We’ll, not totally. My Eriksen titanium frame is state of the art, but the rest is pretty dated. I could have made some phone calls, scurried around and updated it all, but I figured I’d just ride it as it is. Less chance of any mechanical issues, plus I am not really knowledgable enough to know exactly what I should be riding. I do know that my wheels aren’t really good enough to be racing. They weigh a ton, but I think starting 70 guys back will probably make that much less of a concern.

Anyway, it should be fun and a relearning experience. It’s 10 hours to Austin and we’re not to Oklahoma City yet, so have a ways to go.

Bromont is jammed I the back of the Isuzu Trooper.

I was putting honey on an English muffin this morning. I thought this was funny-“Made by American bees.”

11 thoughts on “Heading to Texas

  1. Gwiz

    Looking forward to toeing the line with you again this weekend. Maybe I can show you some latest and greatest and give you a few ideas on how to make that hardtail move out a little quicker. I’ll be in my standard Ethos garb so I’m sure we’ll run across each other at some point. Gonna be a tough race!


  2. Just Crusty

    Looking forward to seeing you race on Saturday at Flat Creek.
    I’ll be the course marshal ringing a cow bell.

  3. Jim

    Why are local races, in the frozen north, even scheduled at this time of year?
    16* doesn’t seem like “racing” would be a smart idea.
    Racing in late February and yet the calendar is empty by July. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  4. AT


    Great point. Given the rough winters the past few years you would think the promoters would adapt. The Perry Lake series, has been cursed with bad weather.

  5. Big G.

    Welcome to Texas! Indeed, the weather forecast for the venue in Dripping Springs, TX on race day is a low of 63 and a high of 80. Come July, add 20-25 degrees to that and the only events run down here will be 6 and 12 hour night races.

  6. gibbs

    Merican bee’s hugh? well just like most carbon frames alot of Honey comes from China (and other places) these days too…..

  7. Wildcat

    Ha! Why would someone “thumbs down” your reply?? No way is Kansas “the frozen north”. When I read that I laughed out loud in my office.

  8. Brandall

    I just bought that same brand of Honey last week in our local store here in Plano (north of Dallas). I bought it specifically because it said it came from North Texas Honey something something in Frisco Tx. I am guessing “Nature Nate” organizes with several honey producers in lots of areas (and states it looks like) and throws them under one label. My thinking was that local honey should help with local allergies.

    I am curious what honey company is on the back of your label…

  9. Dog

    Go to Chuy’s and order Lance’s old “usual”. He lost the SCA decision today. Ironic that you just happen to be in town today!


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