Gonna Be a Radical Weather Change

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I’m in transit back to Kansas right now. It is definitely going to be a big change weather-wise. There is still a foot of melting snow on the ground right now at home.

But, not all is lost. On the weekend, it is supposed to be 55 degrees both days. That is only 20 degrees lower than the highs in San Diego for the same two days. Can’t complain much about that.

I got in 91 miles yesterday. I rode about 550 miles the last week. I have good enough form to train, but would suffer like a dog racing. (Where does that saying come from?). Even so, I feel good enough to search out some racing. If I can get up the energy, maybe The Walburg Road Race and Pace Bend next weekend in Austin. I’m kind of kicking around doing the Fat Bike Race on the Birkie course in 3 weeks if I, for one can procure a Fat Bike, and two, do some sustained hard efforts, ie race.

Last night I went up to Carlsbad and did a duel birthday dinner. Don’s birthday is this weekend and mine was Monday. I know a lot of the San Diego gang, so it was super fun. My old Levi’s teammate, Greg Demgen and his wife, Tonya, came by. I usually see “Doughboy” fairly often, but recently he has been hard to catch up with. It was super nice they stopped by.

Okay, they are announcing my flight. Short night on this end, so I’m looking forward to sleeping some on the plane.

Greg,Tonya and I.

20140213-081146.jpgThe cake was awesome. Sue got it from a bakery in La Jolla and very yummy.

I barely got back before dark last night. Sunset was great. I’d like to be on the water during sunset.

The weather looks pretty good back home.

4 thoughts on “Gonna Be a Radical Weather Change

  1. Wildcat

    The weather is the main reason I love Kansas so much. Last weekend my son and I got to enjoy lots of sledding, snowball fights, and building a giant snowman after getting a foot of snow. Now this weekend we’re going to go to the park to shoot some hoops, play catch, and etc. while soaking up the nearly 70 degree weather. Then, here in a month or so we’ll get to enjoy some good spring time thunderstorms.

  2. Euro

    Where do you get your money ? Are you a secret billionaire or something? It seems that you are a globetrotter who hangs with all the rich people everywhere you go, but never actually work more than a couple days a month.

  3. Mark

    Euro ,a few posts back Steve said he jumped on Apple stock way back. Like a lot of us I envy his lifestyle too. He is frugal though,stays with friends that he has all over the world. Drives that van with almost 300 k miles.and soon he will have a nice new fat bike for free, not really free he has earned it.


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