Wind is Sketchy

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Yesterday was a sketchy day to ride bikes. Like I said in the post yesterday, I like riding in the wind. But gusty wind isn’t conducive for group riding. Plus the diversity of abilities just adds that much more.

A new guy, Jason, showed up to ride yesterday. He is super tall, like Trebon tall, and thin. My brother ran into him out riding and told him to show up sometime. I’d forgotten that there was a 1/2 Marathon here that the bike club helps with, so there were only 5 of us riding. We went out to the finish of the run and then rode Jason back towards his house, which is 11 miles north. I hadn’t ridden with a guy that hasn’t ever really ridden with a group before. He did a good job, mainly riding where he was supposed to be. But, you know how that goes, he was out in the wind way more than he should have been. We hardly had to wait for him, which was nice. It was so gusty that I have to give the Jason a pretty good grade for his first group ride.

Getting to the run, I had a hard to believing how much clothing that most of the runners were wearing. It was in the upper 40’s and most of the people were wearing the same amount of clothing that I’d be racing my bike in at 20 degrees. Running is more like cross with heat production. When it is in the upper 40’s racing cross, I can race in a short sleeve skinsuit. No wonder they were all carrying so much water and gel bottles.

Anyway, it is supposed to be in the lower 60’s here this afternoon. We have a group ride heading out at noon. But, again, the wind is supposed to be in the 30’s. There isn’t much hiding from the wind around here. We don’t really have a ride that is sheltered. So, once again, it is going to be a struggle. I didn’t even get in 40 miles yesterday, so I need to suck it up a little more today and get in some miles. The high on Tuesday is supposed to be 28, so this weather isn’t going to last long.

Some of the guys were in shorts, which was the right clothing selection.

Some of the guys were in shorts, which was the right clothing selection.

I'm having sourdough pancakes for breakfast this morning.

I’m having sourdough pancakes for breakfast this morning.

This was from a few years ago in Silverthorne, Co. Check it out, I'm only holding my bike by a couple fingers on each hand. Crazy winds.

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  1. JT

    ha! was just going to send this same clip. Love the part at the 50 second mark where its a serious task just trying to get the bike back under and remounted!


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